TODAY   |  August 14, 2013

Live like a movie star: blueprints of TV homes

A Spanish interior designer is creating blueprint layouts of famous TV show homes and apartments and selling the drawings on The digital renditions of these classic homes spark the question: if you could pick a TV home, which one would you live in?

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>> al and natalie. most of us have watched a tv show or movie at some time and said man, i would love to live in that house.

>> oh yeah.

>> the brady bunch , you wanted to live in the brady house? there was a spanish interior designer that draws houses from shows and movies. he's did not carrey bradshaw's apartment. here's the floor plan of the i love lucy apartment.

>> that was a pretty good apartment.

>> back then. notice the twin beds like that.

>> that's right. side by side .

>> that's the friends apartment. that's joey and monica and rachel.

>> made us think about the television shows we would want to live in. what apartments.

>> as soon as i got this i said frazier's apartment in seattle. i loved that.

>> what about that chair, though.

>> this dad's chair was a little shaky. but the views of that thing and had that little sunken living room .

>> very modern.

>> great spot.

>> speaking of modern, i kind of like the whole -- i love the mad men apartment. meg megan's apartment. the current one. although i would say if you could update it with a flat screen tv.

>> we could work that out.

>> it's very cool and the sunken in living room and also that balcony and views.

>> nice terrace out there. i stayed in new york. i went different strokes apartment. remember mr. drummond had the stairs and that arnold and willis would come down.

>> so you like the marble.

>> yeah, i like marble.

>> you forgot what it looked like, didn't you?

>> they had the cool room with the bunk beds .

>> i forgot about the marble. he was heavy handed on the decorating.

>> the gold filigree everywhere.