TODAY   |  August 14, 2013

Grandma after makeover: Look at that!

In honor of Kathie Lee’s 60th birthday, hairstylist Louis Licari and TODAY contributor Jill Martin give 73-year-old grandma Sherry Newman a sexy new head-to-toe look. They also make over 64-year-old Barbara Baker, whose husband says the results are “fantastic.”

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>>> we are back now with our special plaza ambush makeover for kathie lee 's age, the over and over again. your birthday is this friday, every day two lucky ladies are plucked from the plaza for a whole new look.

>> contributor and stylist to the stars, louis sacarri and "today" contributing editor for people style watch, jill martin. thanks for being here.

>> every day!

>> it's okay. this is the best week of our life.

>> of course, it is. sparkling day today, beautiful in new york.

>> finally, the sun was with us.

>> felt like a little fall nip, too.

>> it did.

>> speaking of nips, let's start with sherry newman, 73 years old from queens. she just started throwing her hair back in a ponytail and hasn't stopped since, so she jumped at a chance for a new look. let's listen to her story.

>> hoorah, three generations of newmans here, because you all want this for grandma and for mom. came down just for this. why is it so important for you?

>> because she's 73 years old and she looks amazing, but she needs some help, so we're hoping we can step it up for her today.

>> well, we have the help. you want to step it up. what do you think of this?

>> i think it's a great idea. i want to step it up, too.

>> she's so cute.

>> sweet. she's here with her daughters, lisa and jody are there and four of her grandkids, okay, guys, please keep your blindfolds on. here is sherry newman before. all right, sherry, let's see the new you!

>> okay, wow. are you ready, kiddos? take off your blindfolds.

>> sherry, sherry, you ready? turn around. put those glasses on.

>> wow. look at that!

>> you look great. look right here at camera 12, please.

>> can you imagine?

>> louis, tell us about the hair.

>> the first thing i did was sherry colored her hair over and over and made it blacker than black. once your hair is not dark anymore, it has to be a little softer. i sped up the process, we've made her much lighter, much quicker. also gave her fine hair, which was too thin looking a much shorter cut.

>> which makes it thicker. beautiful.

>> what do you think?

>> she looks amazing. so pretty, mom.

>> beautiful.

>> gorgeous.

>> that dress is perfect.

>> i love that dress.

>> isn't it so pretty?

>> you know what, it's this brand new we started working with, n.u.e. and has built-in undergarments. it's so great, it's two for one and i love the long lines and the earrings are kendra scott.

>> adorable.

>> big round of applause.

>> thank you. our second lady is barbara baker, she's 64 from springfield, virginia. watches our show every day but never dreamed she'd be picked for the makeover. she was on cloud nine when we approached her on the plaza. let's hear her story.

>> we're holding hands very tightly, because barbara 's flipping out. she just found out five minutes ago she's getting a makeover. what do you think?

>> i'm speechless, really. i don't do anything with myself and i'm kind of a mess, so i'm very happy. i watched hoda and kathie lee every day, so i'm just, like, in shock, i think.

>> all right. in shock, we're going to take care of you.

>> thank you.

>> you ready?

>> i'm ready.

>> she's going to have to get her act together. she's here with her niece, willow, and friends and her husband robert. let's take one last look at barbara before and bring back the new barbara baker.

>> let's see, barbara .

>> oh, wow.

>> all right, everybody. take off your blindfolds.

>> quite the change, huh? barbara , you want to look?

>> get ready, girl.

>> look at you.

>> oh, my gosh.

>> you look amazing.

>> oh!

>> what did she say?

>> looks like her aunt esther .

>> we don't know her, but she must be a fox.

>> haircut at its best. bangs straight across, pushed them to the side, made that bob really work. little bit of color, she started to go gray, so we just erased it away, and, of course, the most important thing to make yourself look more vital is color and all the makeup was done by eneto.

>> look at your hubby.

>> fantastic.

>> yes.

>> want to marry her again?

>> absolutely.

>> oh.

>> you can give her a hug. tell us about the dress, jill.

>> this is actually one dress that comes with a belt also from that company. and this was for you, i gave her a little leather.

>> never hurts, always helps.

>> leather and lace never hurts.