TODAY   |  August 14, 2013

What’s hot in tech, fashion, entertainment for fall

August is the time to start thinking about all the things that come with fall. Experts Mario Armstong, Eva Chen and Bill Werde share the hottest trends in the tech, fashion and entertainment industry.

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>>> labor day is over two weeks away so with summer winding down i want to look ahead to fall and the world of entertainment, fashion and tech. first up, what's ahead in entertainment. he's the editorial director of billboard magazine . great to see you.

>> great to be here.

>> you're looking forward to the wrap up of dexter.

>> it's the serial killer that tries to kill only bad people but his serial killer exgirlfriend is back into the picture and somebody is going to get killed.

>> a lot of killing going on. a lot of folks awaiting the return of "glee".

>> bittersweet. it will kick off with beatles episodes which is a happy thing but then episode three will be a tribute to cory monteith who died in the off season.

>> people want to see that. now when we turn to the big screen , i just saw the trailer for the wolf of wall street . this has to be anticipated.

>> it's enormous amount of fun. leo playing a long island kid that turns into a wall street swind lett swindler and makes millions of dollars. but you can feel good about watching the bad behavior.

>> a war between women and the music. gaga and katy perry .

>> they are in a match to see who pops the billboard charts next week on

>> thank you. let's head over to willie.

>> thanks. next up, a fall preview in the world of tech. there's al roker . apps and gadgets for under $100. good to see you as always.

>> good to see you too.

>> portable speakers. some good. some not so good.

>> i like these. they sound great. they're small. come in a lot of different colors. they're rugged and wireless but you can pair two of them together.

>> and they go in your man purse.

>> i didn't put that there --

>> thank you props.

>> what is this chrome cast?

>> this is a new thing from google. it's a small device that plugs into the back of your tv in it's hdmi port. but for $35, no monthly fees allows you to take your phone or tablet or laptop and be able to watch videos and things from the small screen now on to the actual big screen .

>> all wireless.

>> all wireless. connects to your home wireless internet and youtube and netflix netflixs and other services are coming.

>> phone, laptop.

>> no more huddling around a small screen to say look at this video we did together.

>> sit easy to set up?

>> so easy.

>> that's a game changer.

>> it is.

>> this is a way to track your family and friend with their consent.

>> it's called find friends app available on apple devices. i'm tracking a couple of people. it's going to zoom in to where he actually is. i can look at this in different views. he's on the road driving somewhere now. thomas in ocean city , maryland. so what also i can do willie. let's say my kid is going somewhere for the weekend and i know where he is, i can set a virtual fence. if he leaves that area i get notified that he left that area.

>> or it shocks him with a collar.

>> i didn't say that.

>> let's send it over to natalie.

>> next up, a preview of pre-fall style trends. good morning. she is wearing one of the trends for fall and that's the oversized sweater that. gets us into that mood.

>> it's warm, it's perfect with leggings. she looks amazing and it's straight from our shoot with blake lively .

>> keep something thin underneath.

>> exactly. you the slim silhouette on the bottom.

>> that sweater only 50 dollars. hard to believe.

>> moving to karen in the middle here and she is wearing the patchwork jean.

>> yeah, they have been in for a few seasons. this is a little bit more refined. it's patched up so it's more appropriate for work.

>> you can take your old jeans and make them new again.

>> you can diy.

>> and wearing the blazer to dress it up. now, megan wearing this lovely full skirt and this is another big trend for fall.

>> this is the silhouette of the season. we actually got a sky blue one because pastels are huge for fall, believe it or not. looks amazing on megan. she is nice and tall and pairing it with flats.

>> but if you're petite wear it? pair it with sky high heels.