TODAY   |  August 14, 2013

Steals and Deals: Scarves, sunglasses, iPhone cases

TODAY contributor Jill Martin displays incredibly discounted fashion, beauty and tech toys that are truly must-haves, like iPhone cases, a beverage dispenser and more.

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>>> we are back with jill 's steals and deals. these are deep discounts just for our today show viewers. jill martin is a today show contributor and editor for people's style watch. good morning to you.

>> good morning.

>> tell us how it works.

>> if you haven't figured out steals and deals, you're missing out. get on right now. we'll link you to the retailers websites. you've got these deals only for our viewers.

>> our first item scarves.

>> today san appropriate day in new york city . we need a scarf. i love these. 155 to 175. now there's four types of scarves different colors, different prints. this goes with your dress. just saying.

>> i asked the crowd does it go and they say no.

>> i'm the fashion person and i say it goes.

>> look how fabulous this is. it's one of the four. a huge celebrity following. oprah, reese witherspoon , jessica alba . the retail 155 to 175. the deal $49. that's 70% off.

>> that's good.

>> i just want to show this one because this could be draped over a chair, you could bring it to the beach.

>> it's pretty.

>> you could tie it as a shirt.

>> it's multifunctional.

>> multifunctional. love these.

>> our next item is skin care , hair care ?

>> skin care . it's $205 created to repair, nourish skin. it creates perfect pallet for make up used by celebrity make up artists. hydrated moisturizer. it's a beautiful set. the deal is 48.50. that's 75% off.

>> that's great. they look like good travelers too. you could throw it in your bag.

>> yeah.

>> betsy johnson . love her. these are sunglasses.

>> i'm dressing you up.

>> does this go with my outfit? let's see crowd, yes.

>> finally i get a yes from everybody. the retail 60 to $75. you see the different variety here. aviators, cat eyes, i actually like those on you.

>> thank you.

>> what's the price.

>> they're sold 60 to $75. the deal $16. that's up to 79% off.

>> that is a screaming deal.

>> next, a horn necklace. this is c is -- 14 carat gold. the retail is 155. this is a horn necklace 14 carat gold. fans are kim kardashian , vanessa hudgens . the deal is 44.95. that's 71% off.

>> you can choose which color you like.

>> and you can wear it long and double it. i'm layering it with other steals and deals.

>> you have it doubled.

>> i have the whole situation going. this is also a great gift.

>> okay. all right. next we have the beverage dispenser. tell us about this. this is pretty.

>> okay. this has a little vodka in it to celebrate kathie lee 's birthday early. beverage dispenser, the retail 160. handmade three gallon glass dispenser. lemonade, iced tea . alcohol concoctions.

>> you're drinking that.

>> uh-huh.

>> it's going to be a fun rest of the show.

>> i don't taste the vodka so i'm going to keep drinking.

>> that's a good sign. the retail 160. the deal 48. that's 70% off.

>> all right. jill , just soy thought it couldn't get any more exciting. we have a new app around here, the "today" show and this is an app exclusive.

>> last week our app launched and everybody go on and download the app it's free and you can only get this deal on our app. it's agent 18 phone cases. the retail $59.98. two iphone cases, 10 colors and patterns. they have been features on "glee." 59.$98. the deal is $17.99. also great colors and patterns. also a great deal. you can taste the vodka. i'll run through the deals. you drink. the products are the scarves, the skin care from larocca, sunglasses from betsy johnson . the necklace from --