TODAY   |  August 14, 2013

‘Duck Dynasty’ cast: We ad-lib most of the time

The bearded men and Southern gals of the A&E reality-TV show “Duck Dynasty” discuss their struggles with producers and a surprise wedding in the upcoming series premiere.

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>>> well, move over kardashians. the robertson clan is back. tonight is the season premiere of a and e's smash hit duck dynasty and the kids are throwing their parents a surprise wedding ceremony in honor of their anniversary.

>> look at y'all.

>> good job.

>> they look awesome.

>> martin, yours look too --

>> snug?

>> here comes jeb.

>> hey, babe.

>> where have you been?

>> have to get dressed.

>> you look nice.

>> you look like an idiot.

>> i'm wearing the same thing you are but i make it look good. that's the difference.

>> you may get the idea by now. good morning. nice to have you guys here.

>> good morning.

>> what a pleasure. believe it or not, even though you're heading into season four there maybe some people in this country not familiar with with duck dynasty. who wants to take a shot in a couple of sentences, what's the show about.

>> there's the ceo.

>> well, we're running a duck call business and i have to get these guys to work because we're selling a lot of duck calls these days.

>> business is really good, right? it's changed your lives it's so good.

>> business is really good, yeah.

>> when you hear numbers like almost 10 million people tuned into the season finale last year. how do you even get your arms around that, ladies.

>> it's crazy. it's nuts. we thought the show would be good but not that good.

>> i mean, i'm just getting paid to be myself.

>> how much fun is that?

>> who can say that.

>> pretty good gig.

>> scripted reality, right? you guys call it i think guided reality. what does that mean? what's the guided part.

>> most of the time, we ad lib . someone out of l.a. is fixing to put words into our mouth. give me a break.

>> well, they don't write a script for you though.

>> it's a culture shock. they come up with ideas and we just get to be ourselves in the situation. which is nice.

>> so none of them is watching, those guys from l.a. what's the worst idea they ever had for you? what did you refuse to do?

>> they tried to get me to wear a pair of nickers when we went to play golf.

>> that's an awesome idea.

>> i said that's willie's department. i don't do that.

>> how did this wedding go?

>> it is beautiful.

>> really is.

>> everybody is going to be shocked at how beautiful it is.

>> who did all the work and prep and planning and stuff like that?

>> the whole crew.

>> ladies?

>> no, they did a little work. they did a little work.

>> that's right.

>> did you really?

>> they were mad at us the entire time.

>> this wedding cost way more than the original wedding with miss kay and i -- it was $25 on the first go around. 50 years later to replay that it was a hold on to your pocketbook.

>> all right. uncle si, in particular, people seem to have a warm spot for you. why do you think that is?

>> i don't understand it.

>> what do you mean?

>> i'm a director's worst nightmare. they give you the script, i don't read no script, okay and don't let me get bored because then i just go crazy.

>> you know, matt, a lot of women want to marry si nationwide and the strange thing is most of them are from alabama.

>> really?

>> what does it mean?

>> i don't know. you tell me. can we talk about the beards? do you guys like them? or is this just part of the look by now.

>> you have to remember something, see, you came out of your mother's womb, you reached a certain majority of years and hair started coming forth from your face.

>> and look what happened on the top of my face. not so much with women but men hair grows out of their face. the only two people that don't have whiskers are women and children and we are neither of those.

>> good point. ladies do you like the beards?

>> i like it.

>> no? you do.

>> i haven't seen his face in 30 years. but you know what, i like it now. i really do.

>> raise your hand if you wouldn't mind they shaved them off.

>> really.

>> yes i love my husband but i love him so much more. i love his face all smooth shaven.

>> i would feel like i was in bed with a stranger without the beard.

>> now i know why they put you on the end here. real quick trivia. phil, for fans at home, true or false, phil rarely bathes or washes his clothes during duck season .

>> true.

>> true.

>> si, true or false, si doesn't own a cell phone.

>> true.

>> corey, you're an amazing cook.

>> false.

>> false.

>> jace, you're an extensive collector of pants.

>> who?

>> false.

>> i have two pair.

>> guys have fun this year. and good luck with season four of duck dynasty. it's nice to have you all and you got to meet wil the lottery winner right?

>> yeah.

>> that was a big moment for him. it's nice to