TODAY   |  August 14, 2013

Astronaut shares tips on zero-gravity hair care

Dr. Karen Nyberg, who recently posted a video of herself shampooing aboard the International Space Station, answers questions about zero-gravity hair maintenance directly from orbit. Though her routine is fairly similar to using dry shampoo on land, it’s what she has to say about the water after she finishes her shower that may seem out of this world.

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>> day problems out of this world. a bad hair day is a curse women often have to deal with but in space every day is a bad hair day . karen took that issue head on recently when she posted a video of herself on youtube washing her hair aboard the international space station . it wasn't long before the video went viral. earlier this morning i had the opportunity to speak with her from space and i started off by asking her why she decided to share her hair raising experience.

>> well, i was amazed how many people i had asked me how i wash my hair and i guess it is unusual. there's been many women in the past that have flown on short duration missions with long hair and a couple on long duration mission toos. it's fascinating for folks so i thought i would try and answer that question by showing. it's actually quite simple. i have seen some of the comments from the youtube video and people commenting on how difficult it is. i think it's easy. it uses very little water and a little bit of the no rinse shampoo. i don't think it's much of a problem at all.

>> you mentioned you need the dry shampoo and the water. what other tools do you need?

>> basically just a comb and a towel. i have what i use is a drink bag of water like this. it holds about 250 milliliters of water and i seldom use even a quarter of it. once a week i'll give it a more thorough washing and use a little bit more. but then a bottle of no rinse shampoo. i think this is the second bottle i'm on. i've been here two and a half months. and then a comb to comb it through and a towel. towel to dry it.

>> what happens to all the extra water as it floats off in the zero gravity environment?

>> well, what we are trying to do here is demonstrate on the international space station of recycling thing which is a necessity really because we can't bring up all the water we need. we have a water processing system that takes the con dit from the air and our urine as well and makes it into drinking water . every so often we get fresh water . we just had some delivered on the japanese cargo vehicle that arrived last week but most of the water we use is recycled water and that's important for future missions to come when we are heading further distances away and don't have the supply or resupply of cargo vehicles.

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