Image: Duke of Cambridge attends the Anglesey Show
Peter Powell / EPA

TODAY   |  August 14, 2013

William: Prince George is 'extremely good-looking'

In his first official appearance since the birth of the royal baby, the Duke of Cambridge spoke about his new son, Prince George. NBC’s Keir Simmons reports.

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>> skits. but first, prince william 's first official appearance since the birth of his son prince george . keir simmons is in anglesey, waless. good morning to you.

>> good morning. you can find her in part of the united states but she is particularly special today because prince william was holding her just around an hour ago while fielding questions about the royal baby. he told folks that the royal baby has his moments and in a speech a little while ago he was cracking more jokes about being a new father.

>> three weeks of fatherhood can leave a new dad worn out. not the duke of cambridge. from holding his baby boy to holding a bird of prey . there's no sign that william is suffering from sleepless nights and diaper changes.

>> he's good. he has his moments.

>> he has even been allowed out to play polo and spoke official officially today for the first time.

>> he's pretty loud and of course extremely good-looking. i have to say that i thought search and rescue duties were physically and mentally demanding but looking after a three week old baby is right up there.

>> this part of wales is where william and kate lived a private life for many years, away from the crowds and the cameras.

>> shopping in the local stores while he flew royal air force helicopters from a nearby base. it's a life they're living behind.

>> it's d-day for william and his workload at the moment. he flew back to search and rescue but it can't be his long-term prospects.

>> royal duties becon. the family has been hidden away since the family left the hospital but official pictures of prince george are expected soon. perhaps taken by kate. and in the weeks to come they'll join the queen and duke of edinburgh prince phillip where he will meet his great grand son for the first time.

>> and it is reported that sarah ferguson has been invited. it's possibly because her daughter beatrice maybe getting engaged. so perhaps she is being brought in by the royal family . meanwhile guys, this little bird has long tallons. i'm told there wasn't any danger but i think i'll send her back now.

>> i don't know why i have trouble with that word.

>> we should have asked our english resident.

>> now that i pay taxes.