TODAY   |  August 14, 2013

Lotto winner: I’ll help dad pay for cancer treatments

Will and Donna Seeley are two of the 16 members of an office pool who hit one of the biggest jackpots of all time. Will says his father now has “nothing to worry about” in terms of paying for his cancer treatments.

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>> those lucky people. will, perhaps the most outspoken and easily recognizable member of oceans 16 is with us along with his wife donna. congratulations.

>> thank you, sir.

>> you cracked me up yesterday. standing at that podium, you seemed so at ease. you seemed in your element. i'm thinking reality show . we got to get you some kind of show.

>> i don't know how they all do it. but we have been like this a couple of days. i don't know if i want to go through this the rest of my life. i would rather be in miiy cabin in the woods .

>> i wonder if you ever dreamed about what you would say if you got to announce if you were a powerball winner.

>> everybody would do that.

>> so you have done that?

>> i imagine everybody has one time in their life.

>> you're part of a group we talked about that, 16 of you folks won. how did you first find out the news?

>> myself?

>> yeah.

>> i got there late because it was my turn to drive the parks truck up and when i got to work -- first i was dumbfounded, i couldn't figure out when they started selling lottery tickets. i didn't know. they all pulled me inside and they're all cheering and i thought they finally found a way to get rid of me now.

>> you talked about your attire. you talked about nascar. you talked about bakers, acres campground.

>> my man jackie. they're good folks. best camping on the jersey shore .

>> on a most serious note you said one of the first things you did after you found out you won millions of dollars, you stopped by your dads.

>> yeah, i stopped and told pop. it was a little emotional. we lost ma to cancer a couple of years ago and pop just started his second round of chemo and radiation yesterday. so i just told him he didn't have to worry about anything financially.

>> is he going to handle this okay? is he going to be one of those guys that keeps his feet firmly planted on the ground with millions of dollars? do you worry about him at all.

>> no. he's willie. he will stay willie.

>> what about your coworkers? do you worry about any of them?

>> no, i might stay working but maybe just not at that facility. then again i just might disappear in the woods and hunt and fish every day.

>> do what you want to do.

>> exactly. i can do what i want to do. we can do what we want to do.

>> that's right.

>> nice that he included you there.

>> had to throw that in there.

>> there's a little joke about that but i'm not going to say it.

>> congratulations.

>> here's your check by the way. you can take that one home.

>> hard to fit her in the wallet.