TODAY   |  August 14, 2013

Icahn endorses Apple and other market trends

Billionaire Carl Icahn endorsed Apple as a smart buy via Twitter, causing a spike in stocks for the world’s biggest company. Elsewhere on Wall Street, two traders could be charged criminally for masking the size of a bad bet that lost billions for JPMorgan Chase.

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>> wall street and what is moving the markets. kayla joins us with big news for apple. kayla, good morning.

>> good morning, natalie. a big investor is taking on the world 's biggest company. 77-year-old billionaire carl icon took to twitter tuesday to out the apple as a stock buy if the company uses more of it's cash to benefit shareholders. two wall street traders based in london could be charged criminally in the coming days for a bad bet at jp morgan chase . they ended up losing the bank billions, natalie.