TODAY   |  August 13, 2013

Natalie’s sister pleads ‘no contest’ to pee story

Natalie’s sister called into TODAY to discuss the time she made her sister drink pee when they were kids after what Natalie described as a “brawl.”

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>>> this tuesday morning, august 13th , 2013 . i'm willie geist along with al and natalie and we have a special guest joining us on the phone. natalie 's big sister patricia morales calling from florida. good morning.

>> hi, how are you.

>> are you aware the charges that have been leveled against you here this morning on the "today" show.

>> i got some calls from some friends.

>> counselor, how do you plead?

>> my sister is a high powered attorney and she is going to sue me now. thanks, guys.

>> no contest. no contest.

>> see, she remembers it.

>> wow.

>> she is pleading the 5th.

>> we were kind of bad as sisters when we were young.

>> that's amazing.

>> well, you know what, my parents did level -- did not level the playing field here because natalie was always the young one who could not defend herself so always me that was getting in trouble for doing anything.

>> oh.

>> i should pick on her a little bit.

>> so you're saying she deserved the beverage you served her. she had it coming.

>> like they said in chicago.

>> she had it coming.

>> was that the worst thing you ever did to her patricia .

>> i think that was about the worst thing.

>> i think natalie has a better memory of these things.

>> we had some big fights. we would knockdown drag out, i mean, like biting, clawing, pulling hair.

>> what the --

>> yeah, we were very -- we were those two siblings that did not get along but now we love each other dearly.

>> yeah.

>> until today. if she still loves me.

>> yeah, on national television.

>> well, patricia when you go