TODAY   |  August 13, 2013

Buyer beware: Retailers track serial returners

Such retailers as Home Depot, Victoria’s Secret, and Nike are beginning to keep track of how often their customers return merchandise. According to industry estimates, consumers return roughly $264 billion worth of merchandise each year.

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>>> phrase many happy returns ? if you're talking about merchandise, not so fast. if you like to return a lot of items you should know some retailers are keeping track of how many times you do it. whether it's with a receipt or not. they can create a return profile that catalogs and analyzes your returns. it's happening at retailers like home depot , jcpenney, victoria secret and nike. when you hand over your id at the counter it should only be used to confirm your identity and every year consumers return about 264 billion, that's with a b, dollars worth of merchandise. do you return a lot?

>> if i buy online.

>> a lot of companies have great return policies but people misuse it and it costs