TODAY   |  August 13, 2013

Jimmy Fallon: 5 years waiting for a baby ‘so worth it’

“Late Night” funnyman Jimmy Fallon opens up with TODAY’s Savannah Guthrie about his new daughter, Winnie, who was born through a surrogate, and reveals how she got her name.

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>> how does it feel?

>> reporter: jimmy fallon , the comedian so beloved for the way he seems to burst with joy every minute of his life.

>> oh yeah, you should listen to the president or as i like to call him the prezzy of the united stezzy.

>> he's experiencing a joy like no other. congratulations on the new baby.

>> oh my gosh, thank you so much. the most unbelievable thing. you can't describe it. i'm floating in a new bubble. it's a whole new life and everything is about the baby. i'm so happy.

>> i had this sense it might be hard for you to keep a secret but you managed to keep this a secret. we didn't know that little winnie was on her way.

>> yeah it wasn't really a secret but my wife and i have been trying for awhile to have a baby and so we tried a bunch of things and anyone who has tried will know it's just awful. it's like -- so we had a surrogate and it's just we tried before we told people and then it didn't happen and it's really depressing and really hard. so this time we said we're not telling anybody. it would be just more fun if it's just private between me and my wife and we get to introduce her to everybody i. was great. honestly when it happened we were in traffic like who do we tell? who is going to be mad at us? we had to call everybody and it's so emotional and you call everybody and you tell everybody like this happened. it comes out of nowhere and they're like what? everyone just started crying and was really happy because we tried for a long time. i mean, for five years and i know people have tried much longer but if there's anyone out there who is trying and just losing hope, just hang in there. try every avenue. try anything you can do because you'll get there. you'll end up with a family and it's so worth it. it is the most worth it thing. i'm just so happy right now i'm freaking out.

>> it must be all more amazing and precious because tried so long.

>> yeah. really you just like -- we just love her. she is a little angel . she is so cute and so fun and i think -- a friend of mine said that little girls, especially, like unlock something in a dad's heart. where it just makes you more -- you're just like oh my god, your voice gets higher. i couldn't come to work because of my voice. i can't have a serious interview like this. but it's so -- i'm very like, i have to get my sports in. i entered a fight club . i can't talk about it. just to keep my --

>> your man card.

>> my man card. have to hold on to that a little bit. but she turns me into mush.

>> winnie . how did you get the name? winnie as in pooh or the wonder years.

>> it's not winnie the pooh at all. nancy my wife and i got engaged in new hampshire at this lake house that her family had forever and we went there every summer as we were dating and we got engaged on the dock of the lake and we were talking about different names and you overthink names. you don't want one that's seemed done.

>> it's a little long. i thought winnie . i love winnie and winnie from the wonder years is the coolest girl and tv show ever and also she is a win for us. so it's a big win for us.

>> well, you have another baby, which is this show.

>> yeah.

>> i don't know if you've heard but the show has been nominated for an emmy again.

>> what?

>> that's right.

>> oh my gosh. this is my reaction.

>> i'll hold you.

>> this is the real reaction. thank you.

>> but the good thing is, if you don't win, you have practiced your neutral humility face.

>> i'm good at that. so it's like just say the winner is daily show with john stewart .

>> the winner this year is the daily show with john stewart .

>> honey, where did you go? you're leaving me? because i lost again?

>> she's withdrawn.

>> she is going up on stage with john.

>> if he wins again i'll go up on stage with him just to see what it's like to hold it and look.

>> well, we are rooting for jimmy in every way.

>> when you said in the beginning this has been a pretty big year, that's an understatement. an amazing year.

>> tomorrow, part 2, we talk about his transition to the tonight show and also why i am a better guest than matt and al.

>> wow. good tease.

>> yeah.