TODAY   |  August 13, 2013

Savannah to Elle: 'I would love to have kids'

The TODAY co-anchor will be featured in the September issue of Elle Magazine, which hits newsstands Aug. 20. In the profile, Savannah discusses everything from her hopes for a future family to the secrets of her success, which she attributes in part to her “intimate connection with the audience.”

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>> do you know what's trending around here? our very own ray of sunshine, savannah guthrie . that's right. savannah is featured in the september issue of elle magazine .

>> wow, you're kate upton.

>> you look fantastic.

>> it's due out a week from today and the headline morning, sunshine.

>> it's a nice article.

>> it really is.

>> and our whole audience is getting into it as well.

>> we love that.

>> that's a great photo.

>> and great article.

>> it's outrageous that they put kate upton on the cover.

>> oh my gosh. do you blame them.

>> marketing er error.

>> it's great. what an honor. that's what is trending today.