TODAY   |  August 13, 2013

Weiner on wife Huma: ‘What I’ve done has hurt her’   

In an online interview, Anthony Weiner answered questions about his wife Huma Abedin, telling Buzzfeed he does know what her role in a potential Hillary Clinton 2016 campaign would be, but is not telling. NBC’s Stephanie Gosk reports.

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>> a turn now to politics. a candid new interview with anthony weiner . the former congressman is speaking out about his campaign, his scandal and his wife. stephanie gosk has details on that. good morning.

>> good morning. this is a long online interview . nearly 40 minutes. buzz feed scheduled it before recent revelations about weiner sent his poll numbers tumbling. but he showed up anyway. anthony weiner isn't backing down repeating his impassioned plea to new york city voters.

>> if you want to have someone who fights for you, someone who believes in the things that you believe in. someone that won't back down and shows the toughness and the independence, the job is mayor.

>> he did spend time talking about issues but the conversation always cycled back to the scandal that forced weiner to re-sign from congress. sometimes with a bit of stark, the kind that has made the website so popular.

>> why not use snap chat.

>> as in the app that limits access and deletes photos.

>> i don't have a good answer for that.

>> a new poll says 75% of new york city voters now have a negative opinion of weiner .

>> the coverage has been brutal but remember when i got in the race the numbers weren't that much better, you know, 55, 56, whatever it was.

>> weiner topped the polls soon after entering the race but after admitting to more inappropriate texts and phone calls even after leaving congress, now he sits in fourth place.

>> are you on the way back up or have we bottomed out?

>> i hope so. i would hope so.

>> once again weiner was asked about the effect the scandal has had on his wife, houma abdean. a long time aid to hilary clinton .

>> do you know what the role in hilary's 2016 campaign is going to be.

>> i do.

>> what will it be?

>> i'm not telling you.

>> do you feel like you have damaged her place in that world.

>> i feel that what i have done has hurt her, yeah. it's hurt her professional. it's hurt her personality.

>> weiner says the sexting has stopped and wouldn't go into sidney leathers. the woman that went public about her exchange with the former congressman.

>> do you think you got set up?

>> i did this to me. i made these mistakes.

>> weiner has less than a month to convince new york voters that his past mistakes won't effect his ability to be mayor of new york . the vote is scheduled for september 10th .

>> we'll stay on it, thank