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TODAY   |  August 12, 2013

Hoda jokes Mars-bound people are ‘crazy’

TODAY’s Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb chat about a one-way-trip to Mars that 100,000 people have signed up for, and the ladies wonder why people are willing to leave their family, kids and jobs behind to spend time in outer space.

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>> announcer: and hoda kotb live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza .

>> hello, everybody. hope you had a fantastic weekend. it's fun day monday, august 12th . so happy you're here with us.

>> this is the beginning of a huge celebration. these --

>> not for me.

>> these balloons represent --

>> are the beginning of your -- we're doing a week-long celebration.

>> why? yours was one day.

>> you are turning 60.

>> no! i refuse. refuse.

>> not today. but it's coming up.

>> why are we rushing this?

>> because every day of the week --

>> i have five more days.

>> there's your countdown.

>> look here. look closely at your cartoon.

>> i can't see that far. i'm almost 60.

>> the breasts -- the breasts and the arms --

>> watch as it gradually progresses throughout the course of the week.

>> degresses.

>> how are you feeling on your birthday week?

>> not good. i heard over the weekend that eydie gorme would have been 85 this august 15th . beautiful, beautiful lady. that's her husband steve lawrence . i adore those two. and steve is -- steve still looks the same. it's unbelievable. he's one of the funniest people on the planet. but, you know, you start to moan and groan about your birthday and then realize there will come a day you won't be having them anymore. he wrote she's been my partner in life and on stage. i fell in love with her the first time i met her and even more when i first heard her sing. the world has lost one of the greatest pop vocalists of all time. honestly, she is and she will live on in her writings. long before barbra streisand was hitting those notes, gorme was doing it, too. a great sense of history. i'm celebrate with my hoda on her kotb. yeah, yeah. it's on fire, hoda.

>> i do have to say your birthday song has legs. okay?

>> i write this piece of garbage with david and it goes viral.

>> you were ridiculous.

>> they're 9 1/2.

>> yeah, right.

>> that song has really got --

>> you know it was nice to open up the paper on a sunday.

>> i missed this.

>> that was in nantucket .

>> i didn't write all over your --

>> no, that would be nasty.

>> he added his own bit.

>> i love that guy. he's a good guy.

>> in honor of your 60th.

>> just say birthday. it's the number that bothers me.

>> we're doing ambush makeovers all week.

>> with really old people. much older than i am.

>> we're looking for women 60 and older. please come down to the plaza around 6:30, 7:00. that's the latest, really, and then wru can get picked.

>> can we have a drinking game all week?

>> every time hoda says the word 60, she has to take a shot.

>> i have to?

>> yes, yes. i love it, and maybe it will keep you from saying 60.

>> i have an old boyfriend here today. he thought i was still in my 20s.

>> i love that.

>> now when i went to nashville this weekend just to enjoy like a fun weekend. it was my friend janie 's -- it was a surprise party birthday party for her. she turns 50 later this month.

>> oh, sure, 50.

>> look at the surprise.

>> such a sweetheart.

>> and she saw everybody and she --

>> how many people came?

>> about 60 people. janie is the co-writer on my book and the greatest friend and a doll. happy birthday early to janie . we had a lot of fun.

>> i'm so glad. nashville is one of the great, great, great cities in this whole country. it was great.

>> one of the few places i could live that's not on water. it's that much fun. people are that sweet and --

>> the music and the barbecue.

>> you had to be in hog heaven.

>> i was. i was in heaven.

>> hog heaven.

>> all right.

>> so i was in nantucket visiting with a family that i've grown to love very, very much. the kitridge family. they had a tragedy in their family last november when mike had a very serious stroke. but he's doing so much better. sending him our love to lisa and mike and kiley and casey. and, you know, you start to celebrate what you still have, not what you've lost. you concentrate on what you've lost, you know, you're going to be -- the rooter bitterness can take root. and that just impacts not only your whole life but everybody else 's. so, remember, you can be bitter or better. nall the letter "i." i'm going to write a song. oh, yeah, i already did.

>>> a lot of people have been waiting to see how lea michele was doing after the death of her boyfriend. and this is one of those moments where you sort of wonder how she's going to be. they had the teen choice awards last night. and lea michele got up to accept an award for the cast of "glee" for best comedy.

>> actually, she got it for best act -- her speech, i think, was after she got the award, which was kind of a surprise for best actress in a comedy.

>> what she did after that was very, very poignant. she spoke about her boyfriend and co-star cory monteith . let's take a look.

>> i wanted to dedicate this award to cory . for all of you out there who loved and admired cory as much as i did, i promise that with your love, we're going to get through this together. he was very special to me and also to the world. and we were very lucky to witness his incredible talent, his handsome smile and his beautiful, beautiful heart. whether you knew him personally or just as finn hudson, cory reached out and he became a part of all of our hearts. and that's where he'll stay forever so thank you guys so much. thank you.

>> oh, my god. that was --

>> if you want to know the definition of heartfelt in the dictionary, look up that.

>> to stand in people and to share that has to be difficult.

>> so we were paging through "the new york times" over the weekend and there's that social column. so there was a question that got our attention. it said we live next door to neighbors from hell . on monday, after living through yet another weekend of an all-night of all night partying.

>> that they weren't invited to.

>> i saw a basket of sweets from a local gourmet shop at their door. i took it without a second's remorse and i ate the contents. in my view it was simply compensatory. my boyfriend disagrees. what do you think?

>> sorry.

>> here's the thing. first of all, if you live next to an annoying neighbor, whatever it is, their lawn is too long, they are loud, the kids are screaming, the dog is barking, you get annoyed.

>> of course.

>> but i don't get the going so far as to take something from their doorstep. that's a little -- don't you think that's a little --

>> it's theft.

>> i'm so sorry.

>> i like that one the best.

>> i love this.

>> yeah, you don't do that. the way you communicate to the neighbor is you let them -- you call the cops. if they aren't listening.

>> parties going all night long. let it be someone else anonymously called the police but don't take -- no, he's write. as usual --

>> excellent. his advice was replace the goody basket. but when you don't have any remorse. sometimes you feel so wronged, it's like if someone cuts you off, in traffic you want to zoom up and cut them off.

>> you do.

>> i know.

>> and i do.

>> hoda is a bird lover if you know what i mean .

>>> okay. do you remember when we talked a couple of weeks ago about this trip that they are selling, people who want to go in 2022 , and join a mars settlement. now there's a one-way ticket.

>> you go to mars in 2022 .

>> no return flight.

>> 100,000 people raised their hands and said pick me. i want to go and form a small colony on mars. and of the 100,000 they're going to narrow it down ultimately to 4.

>> it's a reality series .

>> they all get a rose on mars.

>> can you even imagine?

>> no, no.

>> they must have nothing to live for. either you are crazy adventurous.

>> go ahead and offend 100,000 people, hoda. i doubt they're watching our show. we're too high brow . not. but if you are willing to leave everything behind, your kids, family or maybe don't have -- there's nothing really at home to live for.

>> if you are a total loser and want to go to mars is what she is basically saying.

>> it's weird.

>> unless you have enormous sense of adventure. how do you think that lewis and clark got to the grand tetons .

>> don't say tetons again.

>> they probably didn't watch our show last time.

>> sorry.

>> what is it about the grand tetons .

>> that's how they got their name. they were going -- this is true. they were going across the country, google it and they saw two huge mountains that reminded them of, shall we say, home, in'd they called it -- look. the grand tetons .

>> they named them after ta-tas?

>> it was really the grand ta-tas.

>> was it really?

>> what is your favorite thing.

>> by the way, i miss sara. i was in nantucket . i collect books about nantucket . there is a beautiful new one called "a nantucket experience." it's a year in the life. shelly and dan dunlap work for a really estate company there and they've been going to nantucket as summer residents for 18 years. suddenly they live there all year round. so she started writing a blog about it. and it just took off like crazy. and it was her bloggers who said please, please make it a book. most of the pictures with her cell phone and self published it. so it's a real great story of don't let -- don't let the people in the world who say you can't do something with your cell phone , a dream and a little knowledge about how to self publish. you can do it. $36 at or a nantucket, i believe. so good for her.

>>> i was in the airport flying back from nashville and wanted a book to read. and i picked up the jack jack & jackie book. this is about the final years of jack & jackie. and a lot of books are being published around now because it's the 50th anniversary of the assassination. i picked this up in the airport. it's such a page turner. the author used a lot of resources and people who he promised he wouldn't write the book until 50 years after.

>> so it's -- because there's a lot of new stuff. a lot of this is rehashed stuff and this is new.

>> it's really, really juicy.

>> we are going to like them more after or no?

>> i do. so we'll see.

>> oh, good.

>> this, by the way is for you.

>> oh, it is?