TODAY   |  August 12, 2013

Skin, hair and outfit tips for looking younger

Rebekah George, fashion and beauty expert, shares products for hair and skin and wardrobe tips for defying your age.

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>> kicking off a new series the secret to. this morning we're tackling the secret to looking younger.

>> fashion and beauty expert is going to show us how to shave years off our look with the help of three very brave women waiting in the wings . good morning.

>> hey guys.

>> we'll play a game with them and they allowed us to do this where we're going to play guess their age.

>> are you ready?

>> yeah i'm a little uncomfortable. i'll say everybody looks 20. let's get going. let's start off with a first photo of this lovely lady. delores.

>> what do you think.

>> i'm thinking 39.

>> 37?

>> delores come out. there's the big reveal.

>> take off your age. do you want to do the big reveal.

>> what? come on.

>> no way.

>> amazing.

>> she has youthful hair. that's a sign of looking younger. so key ways you can get younger hair is take a biotin supplement. that will help you get fuller locks and beautiful shine. if you have thinning hair you can use something called topic. these are hair building fibers that you put into the hair, you push it in and then you comb it through. the fiber sticks to your existing hair and make it look fuller and then you wash them out.

>> she has such thick gorgeous hair. she doesn't need that much.

>> she doesn't. you can spray shine on with this product. you think of these shine sprays and serums almost like shoe polish for your hair. this is a gloss that gives you the leave in look and then do this with a curling iron or velcro rollers.

>> you can tell somebody's age sometimes by the hair.

>> movement, shine, fullness, those are shine of youthful hair.

>> true that you're single as well. sell us.

>> single and ready to mingle.

>> you look great. thank you.

>> thank you so much. appreciate it. moving on over here. let's take a look at the next photo first. let's try to guess the age.

>> sonya.

>> what do you guys think?

>> we were so wrong last time.

>> that's pretty young.

>> i'm going to say 45.

>> i was going to say 42.

>> okay. always go lower. i see how you work.

>> let's see what we got here.

>> come on out sonya.

>> oh, i'm right.

>> i think you're right.

>> okay. ready for the reveal.

>> 46.

>> 46.

>> very good.

>> i think i won that one.

>> she looks fabulous. one of her secrets is beautiful skin , flawless make up. make up is something that can make you look instantly older. so you want to do a few key things. don't od on the foundation. that makes you look older. this is a beauty blender.

>> i swrun of these.

>> aren't they the best?

>> yeah.

>> prevents you from overdoing it. keeps your make up looking caky. you want to define your brows. i'm going to demo on her. it stays on your brows.

>> she has nice brows to begin with.

>> it does. it gives you the look of a lift when you have a defined brow. just put on the brow and a super glossy formula. stay away from the dark vampy colors. they're going to age you.

>> we have a minute left.

>> okay. let's see the photo.

>> let's see if we can get marnie's age.

>> i'm thinking 31.

>> i'm going to go 33.

>> come on over.

>> see i went lower this time.

>> here's marnie. also single and ready to mingle. do your reveal.

>> stop it.

>> 43.

>> wow, she looks fantastic and one of the really key look younger tricks for her with fashion is dress appropriately. she could wear her 14-year-old daughter's clothes because she has such a great figure. keep it simple . a beautiful blue palate is age defying.

>> those are great pants.

>> the nude heel also elongates the leg and keep the trends minimal and if all nails you can go to a classic wrap dress like this.

>> don't raid the 14-year-old daughter's closet.

>> they're both single america. let's make this happen.

>> thank you.

>> you all look great. rebecca