TODAY   |  August 12, 2013

Men: Women should help pay for dates

A new study shows that roughly two out of three men think women should help pay for a date, even if men feel guilty about accepting the money.

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>>> off. that's rock and roll by avril levine. before we get into our news today let's look at the new york daily news. anthony weiner .

>> a picture that caught our eye. given all the troubles of anthony weiner .

>> open up to page 4. this is at the dominican day parade yesterday right out here on 6th avenue .

>> look at this picture right here. i don't know if you can see it. he's making like this goggly eyed face and his tongue is sticking out. looks kind of crazy man.

>> right.

>> but even better than that is the picture right there which again very small -- i don't know if you can see it all that well -- but he is wealded a giant plantain.

>> he is holding a plantain.

>> didn't we talk about not holding produce or anything else. do not peel carrots. do not hold bananas. giant green plantains.

>> you're at the dominican day parade . what do you reject it?

>> you don't catch it.

>> you know what, just stay away .

>> he could probably use your help running that campaign.

>> wow.

>> moving on to a touching story. thank goodness, good news in all the bad news but this weekend they found hannah anderson alive and well .

>> a little bit of good news in a terrible story. a 6 day hostage ordeal. the teenager found, 16 years old as natalie said. her captor, jim dimaggio , 40 years on the floor age years of age was shot dead in idaho early saturday evening. he is believed responsible for killing hannah 's mother christina and her 8-year-old brother ethan. hannah owes her rescue to this eagle-eyed group of horse riders . they were out riding the trails in idaho and saw a couple that didn't quite fit. it was an idaho man named mark john , his wife and another couple, mike and mary young . they happened upon dimaggio and hannah twice. mark john said they were like a square peg going into a round hole. they didn't fit. he might have been an outdoors in california but not in idaho . he didn't fit.

>> they did engage in the conversation. there were a lot of red flags that didn't quite fit the story. they said they were headed in one direction but they were in the opposite direction and a lot of other things that didn't add up and that and also hannah actually looked scared a couple of times.

>> right.

>> good for hannah and to have these people. they saved her life.

>> after the fact they watched the news and they said wait a minute, those are the people we saw. we need to call this in and the effort from that point forward incredible. you have helicopters that spot a camp site and then they had to go back and land two and a half hours away. and hike in before they reached him and were able to take out the suspect, dimaggio and save hannah and authorities say not only did they save her life but she looks like she is in pretty good health.

>> it's a remarkable and happy ending. but a lot of bizarre circumstances to this story. we'll find out a lot more about the relationship he had with this long time girl.

>> long time family friend. the good news is that hannah was reunited with her father breatt anderson. they'll have to cope with the loss of his wife and young son. another story that caught our eye this morning. a judge in eastern tennessee ruled that a woman needs to change the name of her baby. this woman was in court appealing this decision. it was a custody hearing about the last name.

>> the last name was the issue.

>> they couldn't agree on what the last name of the baby should be.

>> but the judge said it's not the last name that's a problem. it's the first name because the baby's first name is messiah.

>> and the judge did not approve of the first name messiah and ordered the woman to change the first name of the baby. this is the mother. here's what she had to say.

>> never intended on naming my son messiah because it means god and i didn't think a judge could make me change my baby's name because of her religious believes.

>> of course she can't. of course she cannot.

>> no but here's the child support magistrate's view on this case. she is the judge.

>> the word messiah is a title and it's a title that has only been earned by one person and that one person is jesus christ . it could put him at odds with a lot of people and at this point, he has had no choice in what his name is.

>> what are your thoughts for children who are named jesus or jesus ?

>> well, i thought about that as well. and that is not relevant to this case.

>> not relevant? jesus and is messiah is one in the same.

>> a judge wants to speak to you about josh and luke.

>> actually joseph. it's joseph. so it's truly -- yeah, they're very biblical names .

>> yeah. my view on this is i think the judge is probably good at what she does in terms of child dust custody, stay in your lane.

>> i like that she says i didn't think about what when they ask the question about jesus . i don't think it really applies here in this case. whatsoever. not at all.

>> a judge up the chain with good sense will review that decision and the woman is going to call her baby messiah either way .

>> it's an odd name, though.

>> a new study here shows that two out of three men think women should help pay for --

>> do you agree with that?

>> i do not. most men say they feel guilty about accepting woman for the woman. they want them to pay but feel bad about it. of the 64% of men that want to split the bill, 44% say they would ditch a date that never contributed to the cost.

>> well, here's the thing. if i woman says obviously you have only been with christina all your life.

>> yes, yes.

>> okay.

>> we pretend they don't exist.

>> but if you had gone out on many, many dates. i guess there would come a time when you kind of agree on a certain formula that works.

>> right.

>> but also, if the guy is not going to pay, who reaches for the wallet? it's an awkward moment.

>> think about yourself as the woman.

>> i always offered.

>> if he invites you to dinner and the check goes down on the table and the guy just sit there is, are you going out on another date with that guy.

>> no.

>> what if before the date he says this is going to be fun, do we agree we're going to split this?

>> then it's not a date f. he asks you out then you would expect he is going to offer to pay, right.

>> yeah, that's what i think.

>> when i dated i have to offer to pay or i'll buy you a drink at the bar or a dessert or something elsewhere. so i think there's other things that you can make up for it. when i first started dating joe we were already pretty seriously together and i wanted to surprise him with a trip and i ended up saving my money and buying the trip to spain and paying for everything.

>> amazing.

>> well, because --

>> the best date of all time. you took him to spain.

>> it's where i grew up and i wanted him to know where i was from. it was a nice thing. i felt like i wanted to do it for him.

>> so on the date, would you do the fake reach for the purse?

>> no, i would also offer hey let me at least get something else and i would do the reach for the purse but it's not fake. i'd actually pull out my wallet and be like no let me.

>> do the gesture in here --

>> wait, oh i forgot my wallet. just go to the bathroom and let him take care of it.

>> that's a good way to do it. come back and oh, okay.

>> i know guys that do that. we like this video. i want to show it to you. burning up this web. this is a pretty great way to tell your mother that your due. this is a grandma in north carolina that got the good news she was about to be a grandma.

>> we got your surprise for your birthday because we're not going to be here so we wanted to give it to you.

>> am i having a birthday party right now?

>> a little bit. so we're going to look -- we put it somewhere in the kitchen and you have to go find it.

>> what is that?

>> oh my god.

>> what is it?

>> what is it?

>> what is it?

>> oh, it's a bun.

>> where is it?

>> it's in the -- [ screaming ]

>> it's a bun in the