TODAY   |  August 12, 2013

Beyonce spotted driving family in Rolls Royce

Singer Beyonce is seen driving back to NYC from the Hamptons in a vintage Rolls Royce with baby Blue Ivy Carter in tow. The car was a gift from husband Jay-Z.

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>> herself driving back from the hamptons in nice wheels. vintage rolls royce . daughter blue ivy in a car seat in the back. the ride was a gift from jay-z and while the music super stars are generous they know how to spread the wealth. they gave out $4 million in bonuses to their staff of 80 people.

>> she had long hair there. maybe that was pre- hair cut .

>> maybe it was a wig all along.

>> that's nice.

>> i don't think there was a dvd player or anything.

>> a little shade in the backseat there. a little shaded baby seat .

>> it's a little confined.

>> they'll muttle through.

>> that looks like a sweet ride .