TODAY   |  August 12, 2013

Finders keepers: Boy finds diamond on family vacation

12-year-old Michael Dettlaff discovered a 5.16 carat diamond while on vacation in Crater of Diamonds State Park, Arkansas. The stone, which he named “God’s Glory Diamond,” is the 27th largest ever found in the park.

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>> in the rough. here's a story sure to give hope to treasure hunters everywhere. the 12-year-old had been searching for 10 minutes when he stumbled across a 15.16 carat diamond. he was vacations with his family in arkansas when he found the brown jewel and named it god's glory diamond. the size jelly bean it's the 27th largest diamond found at the park. and the policy is finders keepers . they find about 2 diamonds a day there on average. i'm thinking next summer, here i come.

>> the crowd will all go that way.

>> a piece of trivia, the 25th largest diamond in the world is -- it's right