TODAY   |  August 12, 2013

Sinkhole swallows part of Florida resort

A Florida sinkhole has destroyed part of a resort about six miles from Disneyworld and officials believe there could be more to come. NBC’s Marina Marraco reports.

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>>> breaking news near orlando this morning. a sinkhole causing a resort to partially collapse. our nbc affiliate is in orlando this morning. what can you tell us?

>> reporter: good morning. quite the scare for guests here. this resort is about 6 miles out from walt disneyworld. many of the guests coming back from the night after spending all day at the parks and once they got into their room they reported hearing popping noises, window shattering. emergency crews evacuating all 36 guests from two buildings affect fwid sinkhole. all of them accounted for. so injuries reported. the elevator was the first part to go once the ground gave way and about 3:00 this morning the west wing of one of the buildings also tearing away from the rest of the structure.

>> what are you hearing from officials about their concerns of some of the surrounding buildings at this point?

>> at this point, emergency crews deemed the surrounding structures as stable. that sinkhole 40 to 60 feet in diameter. 20 feet deep but luckily everyone is accounted for and is surrounding buildings are stable.

>> all right. marina, thank you