TODAY   |  August 11, 2013

Sheriff spokesperson recounts rescue of teen girl

Two teams moved in by air and foot to rescue Hannah Anderson from her alleged kidnapper Jim Lee DiMaggio in an operation that ended with DiMaggio dead and Anderson alive. TODAY’s Craig Melvin interviews Andrea Dearden, the public information officer of the Ada County Sheriff’s Office.

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>>> this is obviously a huge relief for law enforcement who have been looking across the west for hannah hoping they would be able to bring her home alive, and now that's reality. andrea dierden is with the sheriff's office. good morning to you.

>> good morning.

>> what can you tell us, first of all, about how the manis hunt ended and just how the rescue itself went down?

>> it was a very challenging rescue that began on saturday afternoon and what happened is that they were spotted, the pair that was believed to be hannah and dimaggio were spotted from the air by those law enforcement teams. they saw them on the ground but could not get close enough safely to the pair, so they had to land about two and a half-hour hike away. they sent two teams in by air, landed those teams on the ground as safely as possible and then those teams, those tactical teams did move closer to the camp. took about two and a half hours to the camp and surround the area so that they could have good advivisuals what was going on. as soon as they saw hannah was separate from dimaggio , that's when they moved in and rescued her.

>> what happened in the woods that led the fbi agent to shoot and kill dimaggio ?

>> none of that information is being released right now. that is exactly what the shooting review team is on its way here to determine. they will interview witnesses, interview everyone involved. it is that team's job to get those pieces of information and all of the evidence together and that will happen in the next few days and weeks ahead.

>> andrea dearden, the sheriff's department, thank you.