TODAY   |  August 10, 2013

Surprise wedding for Aniston and Theroux?

Jennifer Aniston will be throwing a birthday party for fiancé Justin Theroux’s this weekend, but rumors are swirling that the bash is a front for a surprise wedding. TODAY contributor Lola Ogunnaike explains the speculation, as well as other celebrity gossip.

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>> there's a big party tonight. i have to fly out after the show.

>> he can't tell us where he's going.

>> jennifer aniston is throwing a bash. there's a speculation it may be a cover for something else.

>> this is the day he proposed to her last year. people are saying friends and family are coming over for a birthday, but it might be a surprise wedding.

>> what do you think?

>> it could be. it could be. think about it. it's a great way to have all your friends and family there, still keep the paparazzi at bay a little bit. it's low key . her last wedding literally had fireworks, a huge fireworks spectacle. this is a way to have everyone you love there and be intimate. > pics.