TODAY   |  August 09, 2013

Meet our cute babies of the week

Hoda Kotb and Kathie Lee Gifford share some of the cutest baby photos sent in from viewers this week.

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>>> baby announcement where we celebrate new moms and adorable new additions to their families. our first johnson 's baby is tyler lincoln tarolli born june 15th in syracuse, new york, who weighed 7 pounds , 11 ounces. his parents steve and carrie are very excited because he just started smiling.

>> it's really just gas.

>>> next, a little girl names paris ciare love jones was born in cincinnati on june 28th . her parents say that paris loves to make funny little facial expressions and her mom claims she already has the cry of a diva.

>>> now lincoln jeffrey petersen born june 21st in reno, nevada. his parents say their little boy loves taking baths.

>> and our final johnson 's baby is hoda woman kotb. yes, that is her middle name . she was born many, many, many years ago.

>> okay.

>> august 9th , actually in norman, oklahoma. we imagine she was a sweet baby that came out of the womb dancing with a full head of hair. congratulations to all our babies. if you want a chance for your baby to appear in our johnson 's baby of the week go to