TODAY   |  August 09, 2013

Flight confirmation codes: Not for the superstitious

A Delta Airlines customer noticed that her confirmation number happened to spell out “GONER5.” Although the string of characters is randomly generated, Delta will be removing this particular pattern from its system.

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>> to tell you something? a woman that booked a seat aboard a delta flight found quite a surprise on her ticket. take a look at her confirmation code. you see there? goner. i know we have been through hard times together but is this really the confirmation number? delta tells us the codes are generated randomly. they will eliminate goner from the system. they also plan to follow up with the passenger apparently. what would you guy dos if you got a confirmation code.

>> what is your cyanm 8. nm would be scary to me.

>> or cya.

>> we get cya here a lot.

>> mine is a little darker, from the shining --

>> oh my god, wow.

>> okay.

>> redrum.

>> that's disturbing.