TODAY   |  August 09, 2013

Savannah gets pie in the face, takes a spill

“Late Night” host Jimmy Fallon had a little fun with TODAY’s Savannah Guthrie when they played the messy game “Rock paper scissors pie.” She took a cream pie right in the face and, in true Savannah style, slipped and fell.

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>> our producer jen long tweets out a message so this just happened with a link of a photograph of savannah guthrie and jimmy fallon . savannah completely covered in pie. explain yourself.

>> i was doing an interview we're going to air next week with jimmy fallon and at the end of our conversation he challenged me to a game of rock paper scissors pie.

>> bye guys.

>> oh my god.

>> are we still rolling ? we're still rolling .

>> please don't be rolling .

>> come back. help savannah right now. get her a stretcher. we have to wheel her out.

>> we're not rolling .

>> we are totally rolling .

>> don't even worry about it.

>> oh, they were rolling .

>> slow motion.

>> whoa. were you like in scooby doo .

>> everyone thinks jimmy is so nice and a sweetie but there was vaseline all over the floor. he totally set me up.

>> no. no.

>> eat it and not snort it.

>> it was like a comedy in a cartoon.

>> no, what happened was jimmy was like -- you guys are rolling , right?

>> are you okay?

>> we got another take on that.

>> i love the glasses. everyone is loving if glasses.

>> thank you.

>> you had pie eye this morning you said but you have a special treatment.

>> yeah. but pie eye -- unless you wear the goggles you get pie eye.

>> it clears up over the weekend. by sunday night it will clear up.

>> she showed up to work today her eyes were like bleeding. fallon and the pie.

>> you have to be more -- you need to be more responsible, you're a dad now.

>> thank you so much. i just want to make sure, that's my baby right there.

>> pretty.

>> a nice big yawn. it's what everyone says. you have a baby there's nothing like it but when you have it -- i talked to savannah about it but i can't stop looking at her and when i'm not holding her i'm looking at photos of her on my phone. she's the coolest thing. best thing that ever happened to me.

>> you joke she is the other royal baby born the day after baby prince george . so i took advantage of my trip to london to make sure for the play dates with prince george .

>> winnie you're going to wear it. it will be awesome.

>> and of course the branding.

>> yeah.

>> the tonight show starring jimmy fallon on the way.

>> we're working on that. that will be fun too.

>> by the way, big emmy nomination .

>> we're having a crazy year. the first lady dancing with us and justin timber week.

>> yeah.

>> better than shark week, we have timber week. we had a crazy goodyear. we're so happy. good writing and good people.

>> let's get jimmy fallon an emmy this year.

>> that's it. #fallonemmy.

>> yeah, you kept our whole interview, we talk, we get into it.

>> what is it tuesday?

>> airs tuesday.

>> you were fantastic and that fall was one of the funniest things. i'm so happy they kept rolling . you were going and you sit up

and you're doing the twist: i'm wearing jimmy choos.

>> good thing it wasn't embarrassing. so thanks.

>> and the tonight show starring jimmy fallon , kind of like johnny carson .

>> yeah, they had the starring with johnny carson so we thought we would bring it back. we're bringing it back to new york city . we're coming back. it's going to be fun. we'll be seeing a lot of each other.

>> what an incredible year for this guy.

>> yeah, thank you.

>> congratulations.

>> thank you.

>> thank you so much. whatever you want to call it.

>> thanks.

>> good to see you guys.