Jimmy Fallon / TODAY

TODAY   |  August 09, 2013

Jimmy Fallon to Savannah: We had our baby via surrogate

Funnyman and “Late Night” host Jimmy Fallon tells TODAY’s Savannah Guthrie that he and his wife used a surrogate to give birth to their baby girl, Winnie, after trying for quite some time to have a child.

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>> why is savannah wearing glasses today? well, that's because of something that she -- she took a little bit of a pie with jimmy fallon and down goes frazier.

>> yes, we had fun. we were doing an interview that was going to air next week on today. we had fun with the pie but honestly the most exciting thing in jimmy's life right now is this little new bundle of joy winnie. we talked about that. take a look.

>> you managed to keep this a secret. we didn't know she was on her way.

>> no, it wasn't really a secret. my wife and i had been trying for awhile to have a baby. so we have tried a bunch of things and so we had a surrogate. this time we said we're not telling anybody. it would be just more fun, just private between me and my wife and then get to introduce her to everybody. when it happened we were shocked. all right. who do we tell? who is going to be mad at us. we had to call everybody. it's so emotional.

>> when you see jimmy talk about this little girl it will touch your heart. it's amazing. he opens up about it and he is just filled with joy. it's awesome. the whole interview airs next week on today.

>> i don't think any of us had any idea he was expecting.

>> no, and winnie was born the day after the royal baby. he had the whole royal baby thing to distract.

>> we look forward to that interview next week. meantime, let's begin this half hour with a controversy out of florida.