TODAY   |  March 28, 2015

Powerball winner: I am buying a new Acura

Paul White is the 45-year-old project engineer from Minnesota who just became $60 million richer (after taxes) thanks to a winning Powerball ticket. A group of 16 co-workers from New Jersey claimed another winning ticket, but their boss says they’re still coming to work. NBC’s Katy Tur reports.

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>> the identity of one of the winners from this week's powerball jackpot. we're also learning more this morning about the group that holds one of the other winning tickets. katie is on lottery duty this morning. good morning.

>> good morning. at $448 million with three winning tickets in two states there's a lot of money to be had. if you thought all the winners would try and lay low , think again. meet one of america's newest millionaires.

>> and present a check for 149.4 million.

>> paul white might have to pinch himself this morning.

>> i have gone through this in my head so many times in my life you almost feel like it's finally coming true.

>> the 45-year-old project engineer from minneapolis is now $60 million richer.

>> they told me i have to wait two weeks for my money. start the pot right now.

>> we're going to finish it up tonight.

>> reporter: white is one of three powerball winners. the other two bought their tickets in new jersey. their identities not yet revealed. a group of 16 ocean county employees have claimed one of them. their boss tells nbc news they're still showing up for work. if you're looking for a little future luck of your own, you might want to head to indiana. it's the luckiest state with 19 powerball wins while texas, california, washington, vermont, maine and north dakota have yet to hit the jackpot. as for white, he's taking the $86 million pay out which after taxes leaves him with 60 million. more than enough to relive the glory days .

>> i used to have an accura in 1988 . i love that little car. i'm buying that car.

>> yeah, she going to buy that car but now he's happy to easily put his kids through college. college is expensive nowadays, savannah.

>> sure is. helps to have a few million in the