TODAY   |  August 09, 2013

500 homes threatened in California wildfire

The aggressive wildfire dubbed the “Silver Fire” is continuing to threaten more than 500 homes after 2,000 people have already been evacuated in Southern California. NBC’s Miguel Almaguer reports firefighters fear the drought conditions could intensify the firestorm.

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>>> come in handy in southern california where crews are struggling against a massive wildfire that's spreading too fast to contain. miguel almaguer is there with the latest. how is it looking out there.

>> willie, good morning. burning through forest land this fire is difficult to see from communities that are under a threat but we can smell the smoke in the air. it charred across 14,000 square miles -- excuse me, 14,000 square acres and it is still growing.

>> reporter: advancing overnight, slicing across and blanketing the mountains.

>> if we can get support anything at all will help.

>> reporter: this morning it threatens 500 homes. at least 26 already destroyed.

>> oh, man, i think this house -- there used to be a house right here.

>> mandatory evacuation. you need to evacuate immediately.

>> reporter: on thursday, more evacuations. some 2,000 people forced to flee the flames. most had little time to leave.

>> it singed my heaair it was so hot.

>> reporter: this wind whipped out of control inferno kept 1400 firefighters on their heels. drought like conditions here right for a fire storm .

>> it is dry and receptive to fire and fire spread because we're seeing these unique weather things happening that are different than the norm.

>> reporter: today as the fire fight enters day three, thousands with wait watch and wonder. they left their home as flames closed in.

>> my neighbor's house burned only 200 feet away.

>> reporter: their community among the hardest hit. late thursday behind the fire lines we found their home still standing sharing the good news.

>> look at this picture.

>> it made it?

>> the house is still standing .

>> reporter: there's no doubt they are some of the lucky ones . this fire is roughly 20% contained but there's concern that the fire can make another run towards a community.

>> miguel almaguer. thanks.

>> meantime, natalie has breaking news on a new terror alert this morning.