TODAY   |  August 08, 2013

Virgin Atlantic to introduce live shows on flights

Comedians en route to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival will have the chance to test their material at 30,000 feet and Virgin will also introduce a series of live music acts. The TODAY anchors weigh in on whether they’re for or against live acts on flights.

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>> how would you like a little live entertainment on your flight?

>> i think it's a great idea.

>> coming to at least one flight, virgin atlantic is introducing live entertainment during select flights in the uk. you have comedians on their way to the edinburgh festival . going to test that. we're also going to introduce a series of live music acts. how would you love this?

>> i love this idea. if it's a short flight.

>> like on a cruise, you're not crazy about the entertainment, you leave the lounge. here you're 35,000 feet up.

>> cancellation headphones and put your imask on if you don't want to partake.

>> i'm sure they get the best folks.

>> deaf mmetal group going.

>> who would you pick?

>> this would never happen, but cold play would be pretty amazing.

>> that would be amazing.

>> that would be good. al?

>> i would go with beyonce, especially with the new short hair.

>> you like the new short hair?

>> i do like the new short hair.

>> i'm going with the stand-up comedia comedians.

>> it's not about having the reservation, it's keeping the reservation.

>> it's all about the --

>> jerry.

>> i would take seinfeld.

>> you want to be my latex salesman.

>> admittedly it's a high bar .

>> speaking of high bars, our producer, adam miller , is stanko owe come over here a second.

>> matt greenfield . he's in training, because he's in training, they both have to dress alike now.

>> okay.

>> i went with the white.

>> very nice.

>> you've got to tuck your shirt in.

>> we're in training.

>> you obviously have product in your hair.

>> it's all about the product.

>> at least we can put product?

>> ooh. you could be on a flight on virgin atlantic .

>> wow.

>> why don't you leave now.

>> adam miller , comes up big.

>> good. mr. roker.

>> miller bringing it. yeah!

>> off to go against the big dog . i like it.