TODAY   |  August 08, 2013

TODAY and more: Anchors share favorite apps

From Pandora, to the brand new TODAY app, Savannah, Natalie and Matt reveal the apps they just can’t get enough of.

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>>> it's really all about apps around here this morning. wee just debuted our new "today" show app. we want to hear our other favorites from mario armstrong. good morning to you.

>> good morning.

>> we've all chosen one of our favorite apps. i started with white noise pro. if it's loud, you have several sleeping, this is a really good noise making app.

>> i used it last night to try it out. basically, it has different noises. up to 40-plus different sounds. basically you have your ipad or phone by your bed. you can play the amazon jungle .

>> cat purring. it has a great variety. here's one i don't like. the crickets. frogs. no way. but the best thing about it, you can set a timer. make it go for an hour.

>> it wakes you up really quiet. it's really good app especially if you're used to a lot of noise.

>> al?

>> you know, you try aggregate your e-mails and your calendar everything. tempo. i really like this.

>> love this app. it's a free app. it integrates all of your calendar. like you said. if you travel, you can pull up your flight itinerary stuff. more importantly, when you have meetings, it will pull e-mails and other related content for that meeting. my favorite feature, if you have -- you have to put the pin code in. if you use the app, you can pull up the meeting and dial the app and it includes a pin code .

>> really good.

>> i picked a workout app. my favorite is endomondu. you can pick from a variety of sports. it shows you history, chose you your calories, make your own settings. i went to the history, my workouts. there we go. you can check your progress.

>> you can copy a friend workout. you can share your workout with others.

>> al is on it with me.

>> 20 seconds for matt.

>> get on marvin gaye radio. al green , curtis mayfield .

>> we learned a lot about you there, matt. thank you. a reminder. the "today" show app available to download now. coming up, we're going to talk to experts after your local news. to flat screen tv's. a live concert on the plaza for a popular hit maker on the planet. flo rida . when matt and i see you friday on "today."

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