TODAY   |  August 08, 2013

Run Kerry! Bulls chase America

The event made famous in Pamplona, Spain is coming to 10 U.S. cities as 20,000 people have already paid $35 to be chased by some of the “meanest” bulls on the pro rodeo circuit. NBC’s Kerry Sanders reports.

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>>> is the running of the bulls . famous for the frightening moments that it brings to the streets of pamplona spain every year. now could be coming to a city near you. kerry sanders is in kentucky this morning with the story. kerry , good morning to you.

>> reporter: well, good morning. you guys put me in tight scrapes before but never anything quite like this. what you're about to see is not a tv trick. these are real bulls and let's see -- okay. this is the plan for people who are going to -- okay. this is the plan for people who want to run with bulls . the only difference, of course, is that they won't have a cowboy here to close the gate. they'll be running with the bulls and the bulls will be wild. it's heart pounding and terrifying and every year in pamplona, spain , hundreds run, some fall, and sometimes die. at least 15 since 1924 .

>> it's amazing --

>> for brad and rob, it just didn't seem right that the only way to run with the bulls was to travel to spain . their idea? an american bull run coming to ten u.s. cities.

>> that thrill, the adrenaline rush you get from putting yourself in immortal danger and coming out on the other side victorious, unscathed.

>> 20,000 have already signed up at a starting price of $35 a person.

>> it's the real deal . that's why i think it's getting people excited. i think that's why we're getting so much national attention.

>> these bulls are among the meanest on the professional rodeo circuit. and they run faster than humans.

>> 35 miles an hour.

>> 35 miles an hour?

>> yes.

>> so somebody is going to get run over ?

>> somebody is going to get run over .

>> the bulls will be released on closed courses with the first run set for virginia at the end of the month. unlike the streets in spain , here there will be cutouts where slow runners can escape. some disapprove.

>> this seems barbaric and senseless to me. others can't wait. i want to experience as much as i can before i can't.

>> the humane society is opposed to the event. the usda tells nbc news it's carefully examining this issue.

>> as a vet, will there be any harm to the bulls ?

>> should not be any harm at all.

>> what do you think of this idea running with the bulls ?

>> not something i would like to do. i'd like to be on the other side of the fence. i don't like to be chased either.

>> you're smart. smart guy , he knows.

>> reporter: now, unlike in spain , the bulls will not run to a bullfighting ring where they'll be killed. the bulls will be returned to go back to the rodeo circuit. why haven't we seen this in the united states before? well, the organizers say insurance. getting liability insurance is not easy. but they figured out a way to do it. so all you guys thank you for the adrenaline pump.

>> let's relive that moment, kerry . tell us play-by-play what was it really like for you?

>> reporter: trying to talk at the same time is not easy. that's all i can say. you really just want to run.

>> how far away are they? they looked right behind you. similar to the compression shots.

>> this is real.

>> kerry , we were all thinking the same thing. when you showed the course, you'll have those cutouts to dodge into, what stops the bull from stopping in those places also?

>> why can't he just follow you?

>> reporter: good question. they tell me that the bulls generally have an instinct to chase.

>> generally.

>> exactly.

>> liability insurance .

>> i might try it in richmond. i used to work in richmond. i might go down there.

>> all right. you all heard it. matt is volunteering to do it.

>> i'll run about a half hour before they release those bulls .

>> i'm going to do it with a golf cart .

>> i can't even run when nothing is chasing me. forget it.

>> one of the great stand-ups