TODAY   |  August 08, 2013

Fires rage out of control in Southern California

The powerful wildfires sweeping through Southern California have scorched 6,000 acres and caused more than a thousand people to be evacuated, as firefighters work to contain the intense wall of flames. NBC’s Miguel Almaguer reports

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>> let's begin with breaking news. that fast moving wildfire that's racing through southern california in the mountains there. nbc's miguel almaguer is near the frontlines. good morning to you.

>> reporter: matt, good morning. each though we're positioned safely away from the front of the fire. a mile away you can see the flames behind me, you can smell the smoke in the air. with the wind to its back, it's charred 6,000 acres and this morning, it's poised to make another run.

>> overnight, the so-called silver fire explodes out of control spreading at a "critical rate." the intense inferno devoured structure after structure. at least a dozen gone but it's still too early to tally all the damage. 500 firefighters have done little to slow the wall of flames.

>> the fire is turning a corner and turning where it will be more influenced by the desert, higher temperatures with the wind pushing.

>> it's on bone dry hills. some 8 square miles scorched.

>> at least 1500 people have been evacuated.

>> i've lost everything.

>> we've had a civilian burned and transported to a local area hospital, as well as two firefighter injuries.

>> reporter: this morning, this fire is 0% contained. it's on the move. it's moving towards the city of banning. the temperatures out here today are going to be in the mid-80s and the wind speeds at about 15 miles per hour. certainly going to be a very dangerous day on the frontlines of the fire line. savanna.

>> miguel almaguer in california for