TODAY   |  August 07, 2013

Moral compass: Dealing with sticky social situations

Lisa Gache, author of “24 Karat Etiquette,” and Anna Post, co-author of the current edition of “Emily Post’s Etiquette,” put the TODAY anchors’ social skills to the test, quizzing them on what to do if a friend has body odor, whether you should have a baby shower for a second child, and more.

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>>> lot of social events this summer. may have come across an awkward situation or two.

>> we'll put our etiquette skills to the test this morning. the grand prize is a morale compass. not a huge incentive to win. but there it is anyway.

>> she is the coauthor of emily post etiquette and 24 karat etiquette.

>> good morning.

>> we'll make it a competition with our moral compass here. take it away.

>> first question, you probably remember the video that went viral recently of the passenger that recorded a woman falling asleep on her shoulder on a flight. if this happened to you, should you wake the person up? always, sometimes, never?

>> is that red.

>> yeah.

>> okay. willie and al we're going red, right? willie and al you got it right. you should wake the person up.

>> really?

>> just left the guy asleep on you.

>> well, you know --

>> depends on what he looks like?

>> if they're drooling on my shoulder then i move them.

>> otherwise they're fine.

>> i'm nice.

>> some people are door mats, natalie is a pillow. next question.

>> okay. so you have a friend who wants to wear a skimpy bikini to the beach but it looks awful. can you tell her?

>> how good a friend is it?

>> this is a tricky one.

>> i'm staying with sometimes.

>> okay. i see a couple of nevers here.

>> no, red arrow .

>> sometimes.

>> okay. sometimes. absolutely no one got it correct. it is actually a never. i mean, we're adults. your friend is perfectly welcome to wear whatever she wishes.

>> even though you have to look at it?

>> even though you have to look ator? if you say something you risk coming across judgmental and that will put her on the defense. my advice is say nothing, keep the friendship.

>> but if you're a really, really good friend, don't want you to protect her from herself. if it is unsolicited advice that's one thing. if it's solicited, tell her the truth.

>> okay. so your second baby, can you have a baby shower ?

>> sure. why not.

>> go for it.

>> yes. okay everyone gets this one across the board. the key is not to throw your own baby shower . looks like a grab for gifts. but maybe you had a girl the first time, now it's a boy, to ask for things you don't already have. maybe a different guest list.

>> next one. next question. you have a very close friend with body odor . consistent bad body odor . can you say something.

>> very close friends .

>> staying right there.

>> yes.

>> sometimes.

>> i like the always but i appreciate the sometimes. sometimes. again, it's a little bit interesting. no matter how you slice it it may come across --

>> is it time.

>> yes.

>> they may take offense. if they're doing themselves a disservice, we want to come in as a good friend and help save the day. you can suggest a stronger deoderant or something.

>> who wins?

>> who wins.

>> everybody is a winner.

>> i think i win.

>> moral compass .

>> all yours. we're back in a moment. this is "today" on nbc.

>>> up next, kathie lee and hoda getting ready for a special show about inspirational kids making it big and making a difference. from a tween singing sensation to a pint sized creature you'll meet them all.

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