TODAY   |  August 07, 2013

Howard Stern: Heidi Klum was ‘petrified’ of me

TODAY’s Willie Geist chats with “America’s Got Talent” judges Howard Stern, Heidi Klum, Mel B., and Howie Mandel about what kind of talents catch their attention, their favorite acts this season, and how they manage to work together at the judges’ table.

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>>> america's got talent as they vie for a final spot in the semifinals.

>> willie had a chance to sit down with the celebrity judges.

>> sitting down is all i got to do as howard stern and company just took over.

>> reporter: for the past three weeks america 's gott talent has taken over radio city music hall for the live elimination round and the competition is becoming dangerous. at the center of it all, the judges, howard stern , heidi klum , mel b. and howie mandell.

>> i want to know who is the most talented of this group?

>> i think i am. i do.

>> really?

>> i'm the highest paid, right? i make more money than all of you.

>> that's true.

>> you do.

>> yeah, i think so. look. we're all super talented.

>> now what about hidden talents?

>> heidi , you must have a hidden talent .

>> cooking.

>> is that right?

>> got you.

>> howie what are you not looking for? in other words somebody comes out and they do something and you're like --

>> i won't give something a category but i don't want to see the same old. if you can do something i've seen before but do it in a new way.

>> i did but he hasn't made it through, the sword guy.

>> i love it.

>> he was incredible.

>> he was dangerous.

>> really life threatening.

>> let me go to you howard . you have all the money in the world. the exposure, the fame, you have everything you want. why did you agree to take this job.

>> i took it because i thought it was fun. i was a viewer of the show. i would sit there and judge from my bedroom. and i would two on the air and say i should be a judge on one of these shows. it would be terrific.

>> i'll make it simple. special head has run out of steam.

>> it would be funny to see someone like me on a family show that kids watch and i've said this before, i'll be sitting in a restaurant now and parents are throwing their 10-year-old on my lap and i'm going you don't realize who i am. they think i'm like santa claus . i'm not. i'm evil and bad.

>> what were you preconceived notions about howard stern .

>> she was petrified.

>> no i wasn't.

>> you were. heidi doesn't know i know it. they said to heidi what are you going to do if howard says something really out of line or inappropriate? and you said i will flirt with him.

>> true story .

>> so when you flirt with me i know it's fake. i'm a married man. i can't --

>> down she goes.

>> it was all howard could do not to accept that kiss.

>> he has very strong neck muscles.

>> it's funny. you ask one of them a question and you're speaking to them and the other three are having a separate conversation.

>> and mel was fanning herself the whole time.

>> yeah it's warm in there. maybe it's a look. the japanese fan .

>> by the way --

>> speaking of talent. sandra's dip.

>> wow.

>> she lost weight with sandra's dip. do you know what you can do while eating it?

>> watch america 's got talent. 9:00,