TODAY   |  August 07, 2013

Get a sneak peek at the Princess Diana biopic

TODAY’s Willie Geist, Al Roker, and Natalie Morales chat about the topics making headlines today and take a look at a new trailer for “Diana,” the upcoming film about the late princess that spotlights her post-Charles romance with Dr. Hasnat Khan.

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i'm willie geist along with al roker and natalie morales but you know that by now because you heard the voice of god .

>> yes.

>> they got it announced now.

>> first a table and now a guy saying our names.

>> we're in the big leagues .

>> we're huge. we're fixing to get into the real big leagues tonight.

>> yeah, three powerball tickets.

>> three powerball tickets.

>> we have the winning tickets. so the rest of you don't bother.

>> the pot is 400 $25 milli$425 million.

>> if you take it in a lump sum it's 120 million.

>> 130 and cut tax out of that.

>> that's after taxes.

>> oh, yeah, you could buy a lot.

>> after the taxes, forget it.

>> please.

>> truth be told these tickets were purchased by our props department.

>> what will we give him if we win.

>> we were negotiating the commission.

>> 10%.

>> i think he goes a quarter. i think it's split four ways.

>> how many of us would show up the next day.

>> oh, i'd show up. oh, i'd show up. i'd be here early. see you suckers. out.

>> i think i give them a week. give them a grace period to find somebody else to slide in. i'd just kidding. i would do this for free you guys.

>> wow.

>> there's yours.

>> there's yours.

>> 425 and they think it will get up to 500. you can buy it in 43 states.

>> yeah.

>> and the store that sells the ticket, that's a huge day for them as well.

>> yeah, they get a percentage. have you ever won anything? i have no luck.

>> not the lottery but i've won things.

>> like my kids school lottery where you get like terrible -- it's a bad prize, i don't win the bad prize.

>> you don't even get that.

>> i don't even get the bad prize. although their lotteries are good.

>> it took an ugly turn.

>> it did.

>> i'm so sorry.

>> natalie.

>> i never win.

>> do you want to talk about it?

>> no but you can wear a size kids 5 t-shirt.

>> and you can wear a size 2.

>> exactly but i can't breathe.

>> it's a rare show when twice in the same show you find yourself ripping a t-shirt off your body.

>> with hulk hogan .

>> that was weird. it was scary.

>> it was a surprise.

>> what was amazing is he was already glistening.

>> he was glistening.

>> i think he presweats before to make sure he looks good when he reps.

>> oh, the hulkster with all the old tricks.

>> enjoy that starbucks.

>> so the president of the united states was on with jay leno last night. he had good questions.

>> we got a lot of information out of that.

>> the president's 4th appearance since he became president. did talk about pretty serious issue. this is the first time the president had spoken publicly about the terror threat around the world that shut down embassi embassies. he said americans should be prudent when considering their travel but there were, of course, lighter moments.

>> now i've seen michelle tease you about your grey hair . you have a bit of silver in your hair. do you tease back.

>> no. no.

>> yeah.

>> that's why we're celebrating our 25th.

>> is it me or do i see a bromance with you and john mccain . you had the lovers quarrel for awhile and now you're best friends .

>> what happened?

>> that's how a classic romantic comedy goes, right?

>> yeah.

>> initially you're not getting along and then you keep on bumping into each other.

>> you and hilary had lunch last week. who invited who to lunch? i'm curious?

>> i invited here and we had a great time. she had that post administration glow.

>> yeah.

>> when folks leave the white house , two weeks later they look great.

>> she came back and told about life on the outside.

>> it's when i saw meredith a couple of months ago --

>> it's our postadministration glow too.

>> she looked fantastic.

>> no stress, no worries.

>> sleep, things like that.

>> yeah.

>> we dug up some old sort of presidential or first lady moments.

>> yeah.

>> first lady of the united states dancing with jimmy fallon .

>> that's probably one of my favorites.

>> evolution of mom dancing.

>> steps out.

>> oh, yeah.

>> shopping cart . we all know this one. that's my dance. that's my move. raise the roof . raise the roof .

>> what about bill clinton when he showed up in 1992 .

>> remember that, playing the sax in '92. going for the cool factor.

>> we're still on the mom dance.

>> we won't get off the mom dance.

>> i remember when richard nixon went on and was like sock it to me.

>> that didn't play so well with the kids.

>> it didn't. didn't get his hip factor up.

>> but it certainly does a lot, i think. it's a wide audience. it allows them to get important points across, including, the important news of the day, the terror threats, but at the same time it's a kinder gentler place to do it. it's so rare that you see them in unscripted moments.

>> there's prompters right there.

>> you get real interaction. so there's a movie coming out this fall about diana . you heard about it. we're getting our first look at the trailer. there's a lot of scenes involving diana and her postcharles romance with a heart sur surgeon.

>> perhaps i can show you around.

>> you can always pop around the corner.

>> i'm serious.

>> i don't know how to contract you.

>> well, i'm like most people. i've got a mobile. actually i'm not like most people. i have four.

>> i'm in love with a heart surgeon . i've never been so struck by someone.

>> if your feelings are this strong.

>> where are we going?

>> to the edge of the kingdom.

>> i was trying to find a way for us to be together.

>> diana .

>> oh.

>> not excited about that, al?

>> i feel my eyes are bleeding.

>> it's one of those chick movies. maybe i'll have to go with deborah.

>> are you going to see it?

>> i don't know.

>> seeing that trailer, kind of has a little cheese factor in there.

>> a little cheese factor? my gosh. it has kraft on the side of it.

>> but i'm a sucker for cheese.

>> so am i but on a sandwich. not at the movies.

>> comes out october 10th .

>> are you going to see it?

>> it's unlikely. i think natalie you should go see it.

>> unless we get naomi watts on our show.

>> then of course we'll see it.

>> and we'll rave about it. we'll go together and hold hands.

>> she looks like her.

>> she does.

>> good for her.

>> she's an incredible actress.

>> that's fantastic.

>> we reached out to the palace, by the way to see what they thought -- who did we reach out to? how does one reach out to the palace.

>> i guess to reach out to --

>> they have people.

>> you just shoot a name out.

>> they respond. they're good. rereached out to comment on behalf of prince william and harry.

>> queen elizabeth@gmail.

>> and she responds instantly.

>> all right. i love this because these are so good.

>> these are the best. brian williams , right now he is recovering, had a little knee surgery. so this is something to lift his spirits because you know how much jimmy fallon and he has a bromance. so jimmy fallon and his late night team were at it again showing us his latest rapping stunt and this is young mc 's hip hop bust a move . take a look.

>> okay. go to a party. girls showing body. chick walks by you're standing on the wall. movies showing. could care less about the five year glowing. theaters get tark and then you've got a fine woman in your row. she says hello come sit next to me you fine fellow. run over there without a second to lose. what's comes next? bust a move .

>> that's a best part. the smolder.

>> what happens is they did that in real time . he just keeps changing.

>> that's just amazing though.

>> it is.

>> they dig through years.

>> i would love for them to do that for us.

>> throw it out there.

>> pick out a song and do that for us.

>> although we would happily do it live as well. rap and bust a move .

>> by we, she means she.

>> i'm a good rapper.

>> your singing is so fantastic.

>> maybe i should try rapping.

>> please no. we're begging you not to rap.

>> please. the two things we don't need.

>> baby you got it.

>> diana and you rapping.

>> you can do the chorus.

>> brian, hope you're feeling well and don't watch this.

>> no, brian is doing great.

>> yeah, he's holding up well.

>> resting comfortably and will be back soon.

>> on painkillers.

>> hitting the heavy stuff.