TODAY   |  August 07, 2013

Muscular man vs. stubborn water bottle, round 2

A very fit young man who has received attention for struggling to open a water bottle at a baseball game stops by the show to explain exactly what went wrong. Christopher B. jokes about his new workout program and challenges the TODAY anchors to an arm-wrestling contest.

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>> showed you this video of a strapping guy struggling to open a water bottle during a baseball game. yeah. so jokes pouring in all over the web. even the announcers got in a few cracks.

>> oh, come on. sir, i think you got the wrong workout program.

>> oh, that's mean.

>> his name is christopher and he is here to explain what happened. christopher, good to see you.

>> how are you.

>> i'm a good sport about it.

>> what happened?

>> what happened was i was given tickets to attend the mets game and there was nobody there so i didn't want to lose the opportunity to sit so close and i was just minding my own business and security guard handed me the water bottle and asked if i could have some assistance and i obliged and kept struggling with it and people around me were watching and they were laughing and a few minutes later i still couldn't get it and i was getting frustrated. i felt completely shut down by the situation. i started with my shirt and i just couldn't get it.

>> do we think it's a trick bottle?

>> you were set up.

>> i think i just had a bad day .

>> you don't think --

>> have you seen your muscles? i think you could open any water bottle .

>> it could happen to anyone. they say it happens to guys all the time. so who knows.

>> who knows what happened. but i got a call two minutes later from a good friend of mine and she said do you know you were just on tv and what's your problem with that water bottle .

>> and the announcer said you should change your workout. would you like to go with that announcer.

>> i would challenge him to an arm wrestling contest. have no problem with that.

>> we could do that right here on the show.

>> savannah is really thirsty. would you mind?

>> there better not be a trick.

>> i hope not.

>> i sense a trick on this one.

>> is it? why would we do that? that's mean.

>> we would never do anything like that.

>> can i tell you why we did that? she just wants to see your muscles again.

>> you should try the other one.

>> see, this one opens.

>> there we go.

>> all right.

>> you are a good sport.

>> it was fun. i'm glad everyone had a good laugh