TODAY   |  August 07, 2013

US tourist snaps finger off 600-year-old statue

A Missouri man traveling in Italy accidentally broke the finger off of an early 15th century sculpture when he attempted to compare hand sizes with the Virgin Mary.

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>>> but don't touch. as if american tourists didn't have a bad reputation already, now there is this. a missouri man traveling in italy accidentally snapped a finger off a 600-year-old statue. one italian paper said the man was trying to compare hand size with the virgin mary and the pinky finger broke off. the priceless work in florence dates back to at least the early 15th century . the tourist has apologized he still may face a large fine.

>> i think we all thought the same thing. the italians were seen giving a different finger.

>> exactly.

>> you don't touch statues.

>> he was trying to do a high five.

>> well, obviously, not quite priceless.

>> i'm sure it was covered in fair coverage in the