TODAY   |  August 07, 2013

Budget travel: 6 best free attractions in America

If you still want to book an affordable trip this summer, Nilou Motamed of Travel + Leisure shares fun and free options, from the Lincoln Park Zoo in Chicago to the Getty Center in L.A.

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>>> we're back now with today's travel. this morning we're talking about the best free attractions in america. if you're hitting the road for a vacation this summer, why not find something that costs you nothing? she is the director for travel and leisure magazine . good morning. good to see you.

>> good morning matt.

>> are there restrictions on some of these? do you need a reservation?

>> nada.

>> really?

>> there's a few you want to make sure you get in but otherwise you just go.

>> let's tour the country, then. let's start in chicago. you like the lincoln park zoo . no fee.

>> no fee. 365 days a year and this is a wonderful zoo. they created a lot of natural habita habitats. you'll see everything you want to see. lions and gorillas and red pandas and zebras and baby animals . for the little kids in your life they have a farm experience where you can see ponies.

>> how did they manage to do this? zoos are expensive to operate? private donations or the city?

>> it's a combination but most importantly for everyone going they don't have to shell out a dime.

>> let's go to new orleans now known for jazz. you suggest visiting the jazz national historical park . do you get to hear music there?

>> you do. you think of a natural park where you commune with nature? here you commune with jazz. it's in the birth place of jazz, new orleans. they have a lot of activities around the city. they have live jazz that they set up six day ace week. you can learn about jazz history . the kids can go to louis armstrong park on saturday and they get two walking tours you can take on your own, audio walking tours.

>> is this all seasons.

>> all seasons. six days a week.

>> what a good idea. let's go to los angeles . you like the getti center. what can we find there?

>> it's one destination that everyone in this country should go to. they spent a billion dollars creating this experience. visitors and museum center. what i love about it is how beautiful it is. how light filled it is. the arts they have on display is unbelievable. people think museum, i'm nervous about going with kids. they have an incredible kids area where they have details done as a treasure hunt .

>> do you have to book in advance.

>> they don't but travel and leisure recommends going on friday or saturday because they're open until 9:00 p.m . and you get to see the sunset.

>> let's bring it back to new york city . you like the staten island ferry .

>> i do. 20 million americans, new yorkers take the staten island ferry every year. why not be one of them. talk about sunset, you can get incredible sunset views of new york city and the beautiful statue of liberty at sunset.

>> and people think of las vegas and they think of gambling but you like the conservatory at the bilagio hotel.

>> it's 13,000 square feet of greenery, and ponds inside the bellagio. everything is bigger and better.

>> and quickly up in portland man, the prubrewery. do you get a free beer ?

>> you get four free beers. it's one of the primary fantastic craft brews of this country. you have to go to portland and check it out. it's free.

>> our crew just left.

>> see you there.

>> thank you so much. appreciate it.