TODAY   |  August 07, 2013

More weight-loss companies targeting men

In the world of dieting, not everything is created equal. Men seem to find success faster and in different ways than women, and now more weight-loss companies are targeting men. Nutritionist Brooke Alpert and weight loss expert Dr. Yoni Freedhoff discuss diet differences between the sexes.

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>>> world of dieting not everything is created equal unfortunately. men and women find success in different ways. now weight loss companies are targeting male clients. the wall street journal explored this idea in a article. he diets, she diets. he is an obesity and weight loss expert. brooke is a nutritionist here in new york city . good morning to both of you.

>> good morning.

>> i'm sorry. this is just irritating. i know men that chew sugarless gum and lose 10 pounds off the bat. is there a reason.

>> men are bigger. we have more muscles. we have larger frames and if we make more calories, in a sense, we have more wiggle room.

>> and men and women diet differently and different plans work for genders differently i guess?

>> absolutely. men like the on off switch. while women like the dialogue about it and they like to think about it more.

>> let's get into some of the specific plans. what is the criteria for a diet plan that will really work for a guy?

>> i think men, we want easy. we want to have a plan where there's minimal cooking or prepared foods already available for us and we want a plan with no counting, and simple to follow rules. and something that appeals to our inner carnivore. a lot of men like their protein and like it in the form of meat.

>> and about for women , they like to talk and have comrade ri.

>> while men like to pound their chest about their diet women like the community. they like a weight loss community and options and variety. they also really like to have the allowances. room for an indulgence, whether it's the piece of chocolate or extra glass of wine.

>> so the weight loss support groups women belong to, are those helpful?

>> absolutely. it is the girlfriends you talk to about your diet.

>> we're seeing a lot more of these plans target either men or women . the atkins diet is popular with guys.

>> no question.

>> they love the meat.

>> it's been a decade i have been working with weight management and rarely met ayman that hasn't tried atkins. it's straightforward. no counting requires. it appears to our inner carnivore with high protein foods. it's a lot easier to eat out with and it is very simple to follow.

>> how do women do on atkins?

>> women do okay. they can't maintain it for a long time. they need more variety than just eating meat.

>> okay. let's talk about the fast diet or some people call it the 5-2 diet. men like this too. why? how does it work?

>> it's the go big or go home that men are for. straightforward diet. five days you eat normally, two days you have 500 calories total. really easy to follow rules there. you can eat virtually whatever you want and it gives the man that testosterone fuelled bragging right about their primal i did it no pain, no gain style diet.

>> what about you? for the ladies, what's a diet plan you feel works for women in particular.

>> something as simple as weight watchers works well for women because it's the community. whether you're in person or online, you've got that relationship. there's flex points. you can use it whether you want a salad. whether you need that indulgence. however you want to eat it and women like to have those options.

>> and nutrisystem too some women like because they deliver the food to you.

>> exactly and there's tons of selections so figure out which plan is best for you.

>> bottom line here, we'll start with the guys. what does a guy really need to be successful with sustained weight loss ? losing the weight and keeping it off?

>> losing is the easy part. at the end of the day , the only question anyone needs to ask about any weight loss plan is could i live like this for the rest of my life? if the answer is no, a person needs a new diet. that would be a waste of time.

>> we'll let the ladies have the last word.

>> women need a life style approach. it can't be eat like this for the next four months and then go off of it. you need something consistent and just like we spoke about earlier it needs to be a life style approach they can maintain for the rest of their lives.

>> one size does not fit