TODAY   |  August 07, 2013

Couple hoping for a girl welcomes 12th son

After having 11 boys, Kateri and Jay Schwandt decided to try for one more child, hoping they might finally have a baby daughter. Instead, the couple just brought home their 12th son. NBC’s Mara Schiavocampo reports.

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>> switch gears now. we all heard of couples trying for a boy when they already have girls or trying for a boy when they have girls. one michigan couple took that to the extreme. after having 11 boys, they decided to try for number 12 hoping this time for a daughter. and they welcomed home their new baby.

>> having another baby in the house, it's just natural now.

>> terry and joe are submiten with their newest bundle of joy. a homecoming that's a regular ritual in their family.

>> we were getting ready to leave the hospital and i said 12. 12 kids. that's crazy.

>> already at home, 11 big brothers . tyler, zach, drew, brandon, tommy, vinny, calvin, gabe, wesley, charlie, and luke.

>> this is a pretty testosterone filled house.

>> yeah.

>> a lot of sneakers, and a lot of bruises. a lot of food.

>> we assumed that if we had any more it was just going to be more boys.

>> terry has been expecting a baby off and on for the last 22 years and as the only woman in the house, she is used to being out numbered. really outnumbered.

>> we thought maybe, maybe, you know, we're going to have a girl. number 12 could be the one.

>> all right. they are with us now. guys, good morning to all of you.

>> good morning.

>> all right. do you want to introduce us to the newest member of your family? what is his or her name?

>> this is tucker.

>> tucker as in a boy tucker.

>> the name should give it away.

>> a boy tucker.

>> yes.

>> well, congratulations. how is tucker doing?

>> he is doing great.

>> yeah.

>> he is acclimating well.

>> is there any baby -- any baby is a blessing, but you were trying for a girl. how are you feeling?

>> we are confident that he is going to fit right in and we gave up a long time ago on a little girl showing up in this family.

>> well, you have now got three entire golf foursomes. you have a whole baseball team with three in the bull pen which is great. we'll talk to you more in just a little while. thanks very much. stick with us. we're back right after these messages and your local news.

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