TODAY   |  August 07, 2013

Flying bike soars above London traffic jams

Tired of London’s sometimes terrifying bicycle traffic, two guys came up with an alternative to biking on the ground, creating a bike that allows them to fly through the air like E.T. NBC’s Michelle Kosinski reports.

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>>> we're back at 7:42 with a new spin on cycling. a bike that can actually fly. michelle kosinski is in london with the story this morning. good morning.

>> hey, savannah, these boris bikes are everywhere here. problem is it can beer the identifying to bike in london. but two guys in a pub came up with this somehow kind of less terrifying alternative to biking on the street or on the ground at all.

>> people have always been trying to make their bikes fly with not much success. even catching a little air is elusive. for everyone except e.t. until the bike with a light weight attachment. snap it together and blast off. it can fly for three hours, 9,000 feet above your city's traffic jams.

>> so the first time you road on it and it worked --

>> it was crazy.

>> this is a perfectly good bike. what have you done?

>> it's a perfectly good flying bike now.

>> fuelled by liquid courage these two engineers dreamed it up in their local pub.

>> complicated.

>> after i don't want to know how many pints did one of you say flying bicycle. let's do it. how did it come up in conversation.

>> you should come out drinking with us. all kinds of things come up in conversation. i love that it's a completely new form of transport.

>> and with those immortal words -- what do i hold on to? oh my god. [ music playing ] beautiful. landing perfect. made it. not since e.t. have been there such lovely bike flights. and then you just ride it off again. so they invision somebody takes one of these bikes to work and afterward bikes out to a field and uses it to fly to the country side for a weekend. there's a couple of restrictions on what you can fly it over but believe it or not you don't need a license to fly one of those and they picture some day this would be very popular in america. so who knows. maybe one day we'll see you biking in on one of those.

>> yeah, fly on over here.

>> what could possibly go wrong?

>> flying over the buildings in manhattan.