TODAY   |  August 07, 2013

$425 million Powerball jackpot drawing tonight

The drawing for the $425 million Powerball jackpot, the fourth-largest ever, will be held in Florida tonight, after no winners were selected this weekend. NBC’s Katy Tur reports.

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>> tonight's powerball drawing has a lot of americans dreaming big. the jackpot is now up to 4$425 million. that's the third largest in the lottery's history. katie has more. good morning to you.

>> good morning. the odds are good. it's only 1 in 175 million. but it's $2 a pop. it's worth it, especially if you're thinking what i'm thinking. it's that time again. so run, don't walk to your corner store because you might just hit the jackpot.

>> don't usually buy them but when the jackpot gets pretty big, then we play.

>> are you going to be the one that wins tomorrow.

>> are you kidding?

>> so that's a yes.

>> no.

>> absolutely. i'm going to be the one.

>> are you going to be the one?

>> i hope so. i want to be the one. i really want to be the one.

>> i'll share.

>> after no winners last weekend, the powerball is now at $425 million. start your engines please, and let's play what can you do with all that cash. stars in your eyes? well, you could go to the moon. you and 1,699 of your closest friends. not a sweet tooth ? buyout hostess and never ever run out of twinkies ever. you could buy tom brady , tony romo , carmelo anthony and david beckham combined or if you're like me, six roger federers. then again you could just buy a-rod out of his contract and save the yankees a lot of trouble. matt murphy on twitter must be sure he is going to win or that his boss doesn't follow him tweeting last day of work tomorrow ever. you can play the powerball in 43 of the 50 states including d.c. and the u.s. virgin islands , but who are we kidding, if you live on an island you already won. the jackpot is $425 million but the lump sum is 244 million. that's before taxes. so what are we thinking? like 120, 130? 140 million? good news is we could still all go to the moon guys. you up for it?

>> yeah, that sounds good.

>> then you can get three roger federers.

>> and a trip to the moon .

>> i knew i liked her.