TODAY   |  August 07, 2013

Obama talks Hillary Clinton, al Qaeda with Jay Leno

On “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno” Tuesday night as President Obama made his first public comments about the latest al Qaeda threat, then joked about Hillary Clinton’s happy, “post-administration glow” at their recent lunch.

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>>> all right. savannah.

>> matt, thanks. president obama made his first public come menlments on the terror threat that forced the closure of 19 u.s. diplomatic places around the world. peter alexander is traveling with the president. good morning to your.

>> good morning. there were laughs but the conversation between the president and jay leno was driven by serious topics in the news. among them, the latest on the terror threat. the president urging americans to be prudent and terrorists depend on the idea we're going to be terrorized. we're going to live our lives.

>> reporter: it wasn't the west wing but the west coast . the tonight show couch where president obama made his first public comments about the latest al qaeda threat.

>> we're taking every precaution. it's a reminder that for all the progress we made, getting bin laden , putting al qaeda between afghanistan and pakistan back on it's fields that this radical, you know, violent extremism is still out there and we have to, we have to stay on top of it.

>> the president would not say whether don tro verse y'all nsa programs tipped the u.s. off to the threat. as for the worldwide travel alert to learn citizens --

>> the general rule is show common sense and caution.

>>> on nsa leaker edward snowden the president was disappointed russia granted him asylum adding that at times they slip back into a cold war mentality.

>> what i say to them and president putin is that is the past. we have to think about the future.

>> reporter: the president will attend the g-20 economic summit in russia next month but criticized the country's discriminatory policies against gays, especially ahead of the 2014 winter olympics in sochi.

>> if russia wants to uphold the olympic spirit then every judgment should be made on the track or in the swimming pool or on the balance beam and people's sexual orientation shouldn't have anything to do with it.

>> reporter: about his recent lunch with hilary clinton .

>> she had that post administration glow. when folks leave the white house , two weeks later they look great.

>> reporter: he has gotten the hang of it. it was his 6th appearance on the tonight show . later today he will head not far from here to visit with the marines and their families to thank them for their service.