TODAY   |  August 06, 2013

8 kitchen gadgets that fit in your dorm room

Chris Kimball, the host of “America’s Test Kitchen,” shows off great gadgets for college students, such as an automatic egg cooker, a griddle for cooking sandwiches, and a chip maker.

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>> oh, no, i don't want the cookies.

>> nowhat y know how t eat healthy, you should know howo cook healthy.

>>> must-haveitch gadge for college kids .

>>> clege students arelways on the go weather running to classr pulling all-nighters before atest.

>> thersust no time or space toook something healthy.

>> er t hps kee that freshman 15 at bay is mustave gadgets, edir of "cook's illustrated," chris kimball. good to see you again. this is one of those thin, it i so easy to put on weight because you'reever goi to cook healt in the the dor but u b to dier.

>> i beg t differecause y canctuallyook in the stove. stove or stovetop so you do have electricity. cook eggs in the westbend cooker. $25. you can do up toeven eggs at a time, hard-boid o soft-boiled.

>> let's see howhis works

>> those are adorable.

>> you add water you put the top back on, hit the "on" button. you' do.

>> his bls them?

>> this is theame thi. this is a lower level. its the same as this. you c hard cook oroft cook. the$99 cuisinart griddler. ope up, it cane a panin prs. it h griddle side and a gri de. it also ope all the way up. you like it turns into a full griddle.

>> youse pam on that first?

>> you cano that you can make a panini, cook pancakes. the' thereshman 20. progssiv inrnational, y wanto cook rice, n problem. it has this. you put in the rice. you add 1 1/2arts water t 1 part rice that's the basicformul thisimply goes into microwave.

>> you're kidding! i cld use that for my house.

>> t tak theame amount of time as a stovetop. this ihought was the dumbest thing ever.

>> unt --

>> uthought you wouldn't mind. this is the microwave chip maker. $2 it actuay works. these are the chips.

>> people make theirwn chips in.

>> it takes a few minutes. that'sit. in the crowave. it has little slic. don't touch it. and you just slice -- a unmed host onceost mosfter finger doing this.

>> they're chewy. than you so much

>> which did you try?

>> i don't know anybody that would do that.

>> why don't you just buy a bag of lays?

>> popcorn.

>> you put upo half aup in here. bo. the microwave. just takes a few minutes. air p. this is theld 1th ctury ncept called the toddie cold brew. 8. you put 12 ounces of ffee, seven cup of water in and y let is sitovernight f 12 hours.

>> ooh.

>> we're watchi. take this little thing off at th bottom. here we go. then it goingo dri -- ou keep saying h.

>> because it rlly looks foul. does. it looks like a tar t. it wor for two weeks. it is ancentre. this is very ni, t stick. put a little tea in there, you ke that?

>> tt'scute.

>> ay. this does one popsicle at a ti. you can do two dferent juices if you want. thisoes in the freezer for 24 hours . you can do two levels.