TODAY   |  August 06, 2013

Which food gives you a daily dose of vitamin C?

TODAY’s diet and nutrition editor Madelyn Fernstrom quizzes Kathie Lee, Hoda and four fans about their knowledge of daily nutrient consumption, such as what food containts the highest vitamin C, and what gives you a daily dose of protein.

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>>> ack now wit a new game we're calng "mad food chalnge."

>> i like it. because we just don't py enough games arod here.

>> nbc'sealth and diet edir madelyn fernstrom will test our knowledge of all things food. today it is all about our daily quirements of nutrients. she picked our team mats right off the plaz my team, the winni te, we have the mom-daught duo of ane and erin from pennsylvania.

>> have a lely couple dating for thr yrs from holland, michigan, one of my favorite places. marknd samantha.

>> younow e rule so i'm going to read a question and give you three aners. then buzz in, anyone on the team. if y're right, y get a point but if the oer tm is not right --

>> we get to steal!

>> you get to steal. so let's start with our first question. you shouldonsume abo 75 grams of protein daily. but which one of the would you get that from all at one time?

>> mark.

>> a pound of tofu

>> no!

>> i'm sorry, ma. what is it? we're goingwi, c, a dozen egg whites. fil answer.

>> and thats also wrong!

>> no pois there.

>> wow.

>> now weo on toitamin d. from which one of these can you get your whole daily dose of vitamin b .

>> e already pushed . wh iit?

>> 20 minut in the sun.

>> no!

>> yes!

>> congratulations.

>> oh, no, i don't want the cookies.