TODAY   |  August 06, 2013

Deck out your denim with 5 fall trends

TODAY contributor Jill Martin shows Kathie Lee and Hoda a handful of trendy jeans with two-toned washes, coated designs and camouflage finishes to dress up your fall wardrobe.

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>>> we areba, evybody,ith mo of "today" o this tuesday. and if youe been living i your favorite pair of jeans a summer long, you're goingo wanto check out some n cool trends in denim.

>> yave ls of energy.

>> i know. was told i was flagging.

>> her wit t looks tak us straight into the fall, oday" contrutornd people style watch contributing editor jillmartin.

>> and author.

>> but before we begin, we asked jill the question -- which company introdud its own lin of denim jeggings, sptarbks, spanks or lulumon.

>> the correct answer is, b, spanx.

>> the controlans in the jeggings youave it a rht here. these are them. cayou preorder them. they're available august 25th but can you get them n so tt theyill arrive at yourome me fall.

>> i lik thos

>> she needshe money, that woman.

>> e's abillnaire.

>> i kno it. she's a billionaire and a nice billionaire.

>> no,shs not. let's talk aboutjean caitlin --

>> wait. m th fit-month-old. these are falling do. these are the distressed jeans. now these are kind of the rs inhemut i'm 37 yrs old. i don't need to wear ful rips. ese are the covered ps. so ty come that wa

>> comes this way. al difrent price points but i'm goi toearort after flirty top and blazer.

>> loo adorable.

>> that's t first trend.

>> caitlin is next. shs gotome --

>> when i introducehese trends, these are the trends you can adopt to sortf your personality and what works for your by type but these are two-tone from aeropostale. they're two jeans in one. in the front, denim,n the back, a different color denim. ana pt y on the back! different wass and patterns. thisaurenonrad blazer, 21.9 at ko's. t for$54, if u wanto g another trend this i a great wa to invest on it. if you only one want color, walk rwards, tn backwards.

>> all righ girl. xt up witakot jeans, sara's here wit that sara is kate cook's sist. and they have a very similar ugh. showus. the dota jeans and thesere ry similar to if you want tha leather look, they'coated. the built- contr panels, they're a little prici bute use tse a ton in "ambush makeov." e technolog slims your stomach and waist size.

>> we love your ster.

>> peb is comingout. what are these?

>> thesere phoebe with the moto, motorcye trend. the ar$99. ditto jeans. again i'm swing y the trend. yo could swear it with an overzed sweater and ballet flats. you see the difference in stitchin athe knees. th is showingort of that wild look if you want to pair it with aazer,t will be more of thelirty fun lo.

>> lastly.

>> katie. e' modeling the camo jeans.

>> these co military inspired end by lucky brand. these are $99. iappen to really like these. i thi they are fun with a ballet flat an oversized sweater. what different about the, they're slimmer and they sort of havehatittle taper ing. if you're intohis camo, this is t way t do it. these are day to night.

>> any other lor?

>> i would stick with this color. i think it is little youthful when you g for the pink camo and