TODAY   |  August 06, 2013

Poor Fido! Help your pup through separation anxiety

Animal advocate Jill Rappaport and Dr. Nicholas Dodman offer advice on how you can help your pets cope with separation anxiety by giving them treats and toys when you leave, leaving them alone for short periods of time, and giving them plenty of exercise.

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>> we've all heard of the stories aut oururry friends going wildt home chewing up the furniture, scratching up wallsr perhaps eve eating a shoe.

>> last week i shod you some video of my dog blake runni in circles. apparently blake is not alone.

>> for some dogs -- i was just watching him. going, he's gotten so big. then i realid i'm supposed to say something. for some dogs this is a serious case of separation anxiety wle others act out becau after chan ichedule or when stngsre arou. day's anil advocate jill raaport dls wh thi qte bit. she brought along ruby, one of her five dogs.

>> she also brought along dr. cholas doddman from tufts school of veterinary medicine . can we get this out of the way? en t dog rs in a cire insanely like that, is that a but --

>> fr.

>> what is going on there?

>> -cald frenetic random activityperiod. it can befun. they often go into a play b before they do . look you in the face, tn go careenin around. they have a great time but sometimes it can be toouch but then you need to put a lid on it. how?

>> i he threend they all do it athe sametime. for about a minute. then justxhausted afterwards.

>> oftenmes what tt means is they'reot rll getting sufficient ouet of energy. ople don't derstand how much tual ercise dogsed. they need tons of exerci. mine's two hours a day. i d like a tag team with my wife. i walk her for mile arod the ock. not enough. us, they need to do thing that are good forheir own breed.

>> ll, tell . you've got your cute little pooch there with you.

>> actg very mlowtoday. did they give herome wine in the green om?

>> rlly hav a plethoraf pooch mania at home. all five dogeally do he paraon anxiety. this lksike a lovely cushion but thi is the example of when i've leftome and, se by? oh, s, you know what you did.

>> separation anxiy. that's a real thing. a ver seriousissue. ople think they're just so attached to me, isn'that cute. but itan actuall be life threening. you reallyaveo zo --

>> f the dog or for you?

>> for your wall, absolutely. definitely very --

>> first,ake sure the dogs have it. some dogs are just acting out or havi fun but if they he it, ey he barng whenou're away, whining,vocalizing, elimation. like they have an accident in their pant they're so scared, but they're not wearing pant we are to treat it. we have to sortf jus when you leave, keep it low.

>> i actually have gone out of my home barefoot becse the minute i put my shoes on they all go into a funk.

>> one wom who's helping me th m dog said get a kong, one of those kongs and put i in th crate and just make it fun.

>> yes. i actually use this calng spray and i sar it works. by seems to love it. in the meantime, everybody smel good it is like meditation spray. we don't need tt today.

>> i he a calng collar and u're basically sing bah mbug to all of this.

>> i'm n ser impressed wh at but the programs work. is really a serious problem for some dogs le someeople don't reali 50 milli -- up to 50 million dog i thi couny suffer from serious separation anxiety . jill say it cometimes a show stopr. people sometimes surrend the pet and iis put down. but you canix it.

>> the messa is wcan't give upn them.

>> i have t rcue dogs. one h separationxie and they're bot fixed. you can definitely fix the problem. you just