TODAY   |  August 06, 2013

Susan Lucci: New hosting gig was ‘love at first sight’

Actress Susan Lucci, best known for her long-running role in “All My Children,” talks about her latest television project as the host of Investigation Discovery’s “Deadly Affairs.” She tells Kathie Lee and Hoda that the show’s concept of dramatic re-enactment of double lives was love at her sight for her.

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>>> greed. love iales wi, revenge, all in a day's wkor susan lucci . knn for t sassy erica cane on "all my children".

>> she's bn honed with more acng nominations than any othe pform in th histo of television. now youuys --

>> did you know at?

>> no!

>> well, now there you have it. she's involved in some realife drama as host of "deadly affairs." you c find stories of ddly double liveso steamy romances gone bad. take a look.

>> of course, sool should be taken seriously. bu it doesn't ht toe the teacr's pet. and whether in the classroomr in thebedrm,ad behavior must be punished.

>> oh! oh, i'm sorry!

>> somebody's having a good time. aren't you?

>> having a greattime.

>> you'v alway been wellaid for many very bad.

>> i'm having a great time. i w so haphat henry from "investigations."

>> verybody adoreshenry. he brilliant.

>> he's brilant, dynamic, he's funny and so smart.

>> how did he sell you on th?

>> ll, i received this amazing prentation. it was so fun and so smart and there -- he had pictusnclose these pages ofe as erica with all the different ys, all the love triales and quadrales. he suced me. i had never met him. i just thought whoever put this tother i so brillit, i he to meet h and so we met henry and his team and it was love at rst sirth.

>> tell us about your role in the stories. do you narrate?

>> well much to henrs credit, " investigation discovery " is so ved and watched tha the is aebte f addicts. but he didn't rest ois laurels bute asked me to ht but iost as a character. so iis not the erica cane character, i have been mried a lot of dferent times and wear a lotf different costumes and shoot on locion but i host a a character and then narraten the voice ofhat character. so iis not just saight hosting and straight narration - you g on locationll t time then.

>> when'm here in new york, we shoot all around new york and different -- amang homes. things that i didn't know iste

>> are the based on true stories .

>> they are true stories . it is dramatic re-actmt of true sries wit interviews ne with people were actually there and involv, instigors, people who opened cold cases after ten years and they're rippe from the headlines. it's fascinating.

>> it is. d whasascinating is how many pple -- men and women decide not t just walk awa or have a divorce.

>> no. they murder you.

>> hey murder.

>> i've wanted to on occasion --

>> they do s the psonwho's most likel to kill you is e on that's sittingcross the breakfast table from you. just so you n. in case you werewonding. well, i eat my bakfast here with you.

>> well tre you have it. again.

>> so you'r having good time u're also doing tt other show, the maids. vious maids. adly affairs and devus maid

>> mark,ho created "desperate housewiv," and "devious maids" i just eoy it so ch. the cast, everybody is so wonderfu when somebody has a day off, ey still come to the set to theable read, the other actors with beecause they want to know what' going on because mark's scripts are page turners. they're just fanttic.

>> i c't believe how busy are you since "all m children." her children are gwn now so she h a lot of time oner hands.

>> well, you're rht about that i can say luck -- a luckily forme so luckily for me, the are two beautifrojects that i'm havin the best time because e material is so good, the pockets are so good and in the righ hands, such gd hds betwn markherry and lifetime and now --

>> it's good to be susanucci.

>> it certainly is.

>> usy te but i'm havg a grea time.

>> say hello to henry for us.

>> i will. i'moing to see him today.

>> thanks foroming to see us.

>> saturdays at 10:00 p.m . eaern and pacif on investigation diovery. , theyall it.