TODAY   |  August 06, 2013

California food bank offers families fresh food

While many food banks around the country offer mostly canned and processed food, Sacramento Food Bank and Family Services, a California nonprofit, is giving a new meaning to community growth, providing fresh fruits and veggies and handing out 5 million pounds of food a month. TODAY’s Al Roker reports.

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>>> this morni on ouspecl series, hope to it, amall moveme impactg people's live in a big way.

>> most food banks depend on generous donatns and offer nned or processed foods but there's a nprofit hing to offer fsh produce and giving ne meaningo cmunity growth.

>>> on a recent summer day in califoia, fresh produce abounds. from locally grown tomatoes. did you see those.

>> hey look beautiful.

>> to ripe red strberries to watermelons ready to be sliced.

>> is good.

>> reporter: this isn't you average farmer's market. 's the give away sitefhe food banand family services . he iediate recognized a problem common to most fd banks.

>> trationally the fd that we received have been high fats, high sugars, high salt ry processedfood. folks that were visiting us f rvic for sufring from a lot of chronicilment and most of those were related to tir diet.

>> he kne it was time to make a chan.

>> e thoughfe' going to operate a food ogram, why not hit a home runnd reall foc on people health.

>> he forged partnershs with local grors.

>> we would invite farmer's out to see wha we were toing and ey made the connection.

>> there's too much product or product that isn't perfe for reil. they're doing an excellent job of getting it intohe mous and bodies of people that need it.

>> the community i reaping the benefits. they rely on the fd bank's services.

>> i don't need to eat potat chips. i ca eat strawberries and i love the chey tomatoes.

>> it's amazing being able to walk down here and seeg the fresh food. you're more inform about what you eat and then you have the food available. real helpful.

>> the food ban sets up distributionst churche and mmunity centers weekly handi out 5 million pounds of food ery moh. over hf fresh locally grown produce and nutrionists offer up recipes and health information .

>> and then we havehis great recipe for a yurt dip for the cumber.

>> if it wasn't for this foo here don't know how i would get alon

>> a basic nd being met wit a truly fresh approach.

>> it's aho system just set up for yr own health and for your own benefit tt you can't get from another place.

>> right now 50% of the sacramento food bank 's distribution is with fresh producend a number of families served in the area has grown to more tha 20,000 folks per month. that's great thing.

>> nd we were talking about obesity sh a problem in low income counities. access to heahy foods a oblem.

>> it's a win, win all around.

>> youook athe farmer's markets now and that sff can get sold. this is a great way to do it. goo job tre in sacramento.

>> hop otherstart to follow ano