TODAY   |  August 06, 2013

‘Million Dollar’ advice on selling your home

Josh Altman, Madison Hildebrand, and Josh Flagg chat about season six of Bravo’s “Million Dollar Listing” and offer tips on how you can spruce up your house and get it sold in no time.

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>> the bad boys of real estate are back on the mart in sson x o bravo's milli dollar stin l angeles where is all about t wheing and dein and sring huge commissions.

>> that' right. the real eate hot shots dropped by to giv us thekinny on what's going on in the new season and to share tips to get your houseld sold. guys, good to seeyou.

>> how are you?

>> see like there's aot o tension but y seem very cordial sitting here.

>> yeah. what's it like really when you're sitting here.

>> we're keeping our opinion to ourselves. thiss the closest w have been in years.

>> wow.

>> so is the showreat publicy to you guys? does it help you sell properties or is it t other w ound

>> no it's good for t homeowner. you get your property like in front of america. enomen.

>> as a realt you want blicity. so that's the best way to do it on tv.

>> good or bad. title is million dollar homes. what's the biggest comssion youys have goen?

>> w sells the most?

>> come on who sells themost

>> well, i do but here's the deal. u'rehe bt at wha you do. yo get paid we. we're the best a wt we do so we get paid ll.

>> lthough two of you c't affo socks.

>> it's called fashion, .

>> sorr

>> they don't show the commsions we don't make.

>> no,hey look ntastic. they look fantastic. anyway let take a loo at otogras of the homn the mark andhopefull you c give them setips. so thi firsthoto is a teri. looks like gat house. would youimovethis

>> i nee cor,flowers, lascapg. ift's ove tenears in l.a.

>> josh sd r it do. athin older than ten years weno itown i l.a.

>> yh. it's a lovely house, thou.

>> it needs color and updang. okay. next one -- intior ling room whh has a pottery barneel to it

>> littlecold. eril

>> aittlevintage.

>> tt's moreike a feral home flair.

>> auner home flair.

>> wou you take everythin out of that room.

>> yeah. iteeds whit fresh, ntral cors.

>> stage it. some staging. just lighter, briger.

>> okay. let' take loo at t lt prer here. this is a mern ling room that we have. wh dyou thinkf this?

>> tehe lighting down bit.

>> y gsikmorn. thelos are interesti but maybe take the out.

>> tell me aut this thing you have goin

>> it's cool. for the first tim viewers can pl along live with us and guess theisting price of the home. you go to bravotv.m/play live that all you have to do. you don't have toownload everything. people alway wanto know the price o the house we' selling so now you can ess.

>> what does itake f somebody to list a home with you? do you have a criteria. it's got to be more than just phe call.

>> no, people think that. no, just call us up.

>> that' it. you're in the